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Buy Your Sinulog 2016 Grandstand Tickets Online

Christmas is done and New Year is near. What's next? For Cebuanos, it's the biggest festival in the Philippines, Sinulog 2016! One of the highlights of this festivity is the Grand Mardi Gras or Sinulog Grand Parade Day on January 17, 2016 (Sunday). Tourists or Locals can enjoy this moment along the streets or better get the Grandstand view.

Sinulog 2016 Cover by
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Here's how to buy your Sinulog 2016 Grandstand Tickets Online.
1. Visit
2. Click on what color do you want to stay in the Granstand. Take note, each color corresponds to a specific location of the grandstand. See below.

     Sinulog 2016 Grandstand Ticket (Blue) = PHP 2,500.00
    Sinulog 2016 Grandstand Ticket (Green) = PHP 1,000.00
    Sinulog 2016 Grandstand Ticket (Yellow) = PHP 1,200.00
    Sinulog 2016 Grandstand Ticket (Pink) = PHP 1,000.00

3. Check on the Important Notes provided and click ADD TO CART 

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