Timex Art Club Offers Various and Artistic Services

Last weekend, a group of talented Timex Philippines Employees attracted a number of Students, Visitors and Tourists in Fort San Pedro, Cebu City as they held their creative Outing with a colorful activity. With it's Mission of creating and developing an informative, productive and fun form of arts, Timex Art Club (TAC) decided to hold a unique event outside the Company via a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) affairs. TAC chose to show to the public how Art should be done by painting their Sneakers and Denims with their fave designs such as floral, tribal, cartoon characters or let it be inspired to the latest craze mobile game, Pokemon Go.
My Pokemon-inspired DIY Sneakers

Members of Timex Art Club in Fort San Pedro
A creative shot of talented artists' feet

The Artists of Timex Art Club
During the busy DIY Sneakers session,

And the ladies are busy with their Denim Designing and painting,

TAC wishes to become a service provider of arts, artists and artworks in Timex and of course, to the clients outside the company. This year, TAC initiated a productive class on Balloons for Valentine's Day and some Kids activities during Summer such as Drawing and Coloring, Watercolor Calligraphy and basic photography. Other services they offer are the following:

Decorative Arts:
    Balloon Twisting
    Paper Flowers
    Table Setting
    Paper Quilling 
Cookie Painting
Art Class

Of course, photoshoot sessions for our output,

The Boys flying with their newly designed sneakers

Hello Ladies! Check their newly designed Denim and Sneakers! Nice!

We're not prepared!


Timex Philippines has been a good example in Employee relations as they encourage all Employees to participate in certain clubs organized by Human Resources either physical, mental and most importantly, spiritual.

Timex Art Club Information and Contact Details:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TimexArtClub
Email Contact: icanoy@timex.com and look for Apple Canoy

And here are some special photos for FaceCebu's DIY Pokemon-inspired sneakers, 

FIRST: take a pic of your beloved white and flawless sneakers. Kbye!

SECOND: In the logo part, paint it wholly with white tulco paint as this will serve as your pokemon ball. Then let it dry.
THIRD: paint a design like above. Let it dry

FOURTH: Red Paint all over except from the ankle part. Let it dry

Finished product

TOP-BOTTOM: FaceCebu Author with his Pokemon-inspired sneakers.

*** Photos with no label are owned by Timex Art Club Photographer Elmer Earl Aguilar

Starbucks Features Cebu Bridges in Cards, Introduces New Fruity Fraps

When I go to Starbucks, I always get my Hot Tall Brewed Coffee to chill or just having a siesta break while waiting for some friends or getting ready for another event with the much trusted, Cebu Bloggers Society Bloggers. But recently, I started craving or most likely liking their Frap beverages. Why? It's just Starbucks is very playful to their flavors and mixes which means they always innovate new flavor and texture combinations to meet their customers' expectations. For this third quarter, Starbucks invites you to try their new Starbucks Frappuccino® flavors – Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt and Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt which are available starting July 26 to your fave Starbucks branch. In addition to this exciting news, Cebuanos are lucky as Cebu's Marcelo Fernan Bridge and Mactan-Mandaue Bridge are the highlights of the latest Starbucks Cards which are available in Cebu Stores only starting August 8, 2016.

New Starbucks Cebu Card

The all new Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt and Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® Blended Beverages are a delightful combination of fruity taste in a sweet jelly, layered with the smooth texture of yogurt. Reminiscent of a creamy parfait, these Frappuccino® Blended Beverages are inspired by our customers’ love of sweet fruit, making them the ideal beverage to lighten up one’s day,” said Keith Cole, head for marketing at Starbucks Philippines.

BLENDED BEVERAGE | Tall – ₱ 160 | Grande ₱ 175 | Venti – ₱ 190
The honey - citrus sweet mango sauce in harmony with
the tartness of the yogurt creates a refreshing boost on a
hot day. The beverage is completed with a layer of Mango
fruit jelly containing real mango bites

FRAPPUCCINO® BLENDED BEVERAGE | Tall – ₱ 160 | Grande ₱ 175 | Venti – ₱ 190
Yogurt is blended with strawberry sauce puree to create a
smooth and delicious beverage that is a balance of
sweetness from strawberry and the tart flavor of yogurt.
The beverage is topped with a layer of strawberry jelly
with strawberry bites that makes it visually irresistible.

Delight in the sweetness of fresh mango or strawberry perfectly balanced by a hint of tartness from the yogurt for a mouth-watering beverage. To energize your day, the Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® perfectly blends honey-citrus sweet mango sauce with yogurt, topped with a layer of mango fruit jelly with real mango bits. Meanwhile, the equally refreshing and irresistible Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® features a visual treat with the yogurt blended with strawberry sauce puree topped with strawberry jelly with strawberry bits.

Al dente cannelloni pasta filled with chicken flakes top
ped with creamy tomato sauce. Best served warm.

Light and flaky Danish pastry filled with delicious maple
cream filling and topped with chopped roasted pecans.

Two chocolate batons wrapped with 100% French butter
croissant dough and finished with chocolate drizzle that
will satisfy your sweet tooth.

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CAKE| P150 (slice) P1,350 (whole)
Moist buttery white chocolate sponge cake with generous
layers of milk and dark chocolate truffle then finished with
dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate shavings.

For a total gastronomic experience, pair these new  beverages with Starbucks featured food item, Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake – a moist buttery white chocolate sponge cake with generous layers of milk and truffle finished with dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate shavings.


The card highlights the Marcelo Fernan Bridge and Mactan-Mandaue Bridge as if viewed from the hilltops of Cebu that are decked with the Sinulog flower.

*Available in Cebu stores only starting August 8
Available for an initial consumable load amount of ₱300

Inspired  by  Dz Summer  Night  in  Manila,,  the   card  design focuses  on  the  popular  jeepney  travelling  the  busy  city  at night.

*Available in  Metro Manila  stores only starting August 8
Available for an initial consumable load amount of ₱ 300


The  Siren  is at  the  heart  of  Starbucks  as  we  evolve  without ever losing sight of our heritage.

*Available in all stores starting August 8
Available for an initial consumable load amount of ₱300

You can also go for light but filling new core food items like the Maple Pecan Danish, a light and flaky Danish pastry with maple filling and topped with chopped pecans, perfect for a quick breakfast; Chicken Cannelloni, an al dente pasta filled with chicken flakes and topped with creamy tomato sauce, you can have for your lunch; and the Pan Au Chocolat, which features two chocolate batons wrapped in 100% French butter croissant dough and finished with chocolate drizzle that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Uber Launches Cash Payment to Cebu, Offers 50% Off To Riders

Uber, the world's leader of ridesharing app, announced the availability of cash payment options to all Cebu Riders starting Friday, July 8. Together with more or less 25 Cebu Bloggers, Uber came to Cebu to officially unveiled the good news to Cebuanos and Cebu Tourists. This makes Cebu, the first province in the Philippines to offer the convenience of Cash Payments to all Riders.

Members of premier Cebu Blogging Community, Cebu Bloggers Society. Photo credit @TheLibotero

"We know that more and more riders in Cebu are choosing Uber because of its safe, affordable, and convenient rides," said Uber Philippines General Manager, Laurence Cua. "We hope the introduction of new payment optons, like cash, will give riders more choices to enjoy and pay for their Uber rides." he added.

Here's a live feed from Cebu Bloggers Society Facebook Page
In relation to this amazing buzz, Uber introduced an exciting promotional campaign to Cebuanos called #CelebratingCebu. This promo wishes Cebuanos to rediscover their heritage
 and culture by experiencing different tourist spots, sites, flavors and sounds of the Queen City while grabbing Uber to ther destinations. Starting today, July 8, Uber will be giving first-time Cebuano riders 50% off on their first five rides until July 17. One simply has to enter the promo code CELEBRATECEBU upon sign up to avail of the discounted rides.

"We're bringing Uber's global thurst to celebrate Cities to Cebu and we couldn't be more excited about it," Laurence said. "Cebu is such a dynamic city that pulsates with life. Its culture and heritage are very unique and that is what we want to highlight through this campaign. We invite every Cebuano rider to book an Uber and explore everything Cebu has to offer. We're sure that they'll fall in love with Cebu all over again."

Gibbs' Hot Wings To Open 3rd Branch in Robinsons Galleria

It was a hot and cold Saturday weekend! HOT!- As we were treated with Cebu's best Chicken Wings while enjoying the COLD night as it rained outside. So, we heard and confirmed from Mr. Coy Oliva himself, the owner and manager of Gibbs' Hot Wings, that the said Cebu Chicken Wings Hub is opening its third Branch in Robinsons Galleria Cebu at the end of September this year! Yes, Gibbs' Hot Wings is expanding to the South from Sto. Nino Village and Streetscape as its first and Second Branches respectively.

Gibbs' Hickory Mustard Wings

Gibbs' Alfresco area

So what's new with Gibbs'? Here's are some news and updates for you!

New Addition To Menu!
Gibbs' Hot Wings just recently added new dishes on their hot menu!

Gibbs' Cajun Wings

Gibbs' Angel Wings

Gibbs' Hickory Mustard Wings

Accoustic Wednesday
Of course! A midweek with your friends while enjoying Chicken Hot Wings and taking some booze at Gibbs' won't be complete without Music. And we mean, cool and chill Music, yes Acoustic it is! Every Wednesday, Gibbs' offers free Acoustic Concert with Anton and Glainess every 8 to 10 in the evening.

Thursday Unlimited!
Aha! Did you know that you can fight hot and spicy feels in your tongue by taking in sweet or sugary liquids? The sugar absorbs the spicy oil and will provide a different taste, thus your mouth will be neutralized. And every Thursday, Gibbs' offer unlimited pitcher of Ice Tea. Very good enough to help your mouth in cooling down after enjoying their level 3 to 5 of Chicken Wings! Aha!

Gibbs' Gelato, Spicy Straciatella

Delivery Via Zomato
Gibbs' Hot Wings has partnerted with Zomato, a community of Food Lovers all over the World who share their reviews and photos of the foods they tasted. Luckily, we can now order some wings and let it fly by contacting Zomato Cebu using mobile +63 2904 8965

A preview of Gibbs' 2nd floor in Streetscape branch


Website: gibbshotwings.com
Facebook: @gibbshotwings
Email Add: gibbshotwings@gmail.com
Telephone: (032) 349-2103
Mobile: +63 922-642-4888

Mactan Alfresco Opens Lechon Pit

Your Cebu visit won't be complete without tasting our very own Lechon. Now, here's a good news to Lapu-Lapu City Residents and Tourists, The Mactan Newtown's Mactan Alfresco just recently opened 'Lechon Pit' where we can enjoy 'the world's best pig' in the most delectable and freshest of ways. Lechon Pit is open every Saturday and Sunday from 3PM onwards.

Mactan Alfresco, a covered dining strip patterned after Singapore's famed hawker centers nestled at Megaworld's sprawling The Mactan Newtown township in Lapu-Lapu City, is giving tourists a whole new way of experiencing the world-famous Cebu Lechon with its very own Lechon Pit.


No less than Cebu's top Lechon-makers and Mactan Alfresco mainstays Ayers Lechon, Cebu Lechon Belly, Ana's Lechon, will be preparing and roasting their signature Lechon dishes in the Lechon Pit, which can hold a maximum of 12 lechons in a given time.

Lechon Pit Ribbon Cutting with [L-R] Harold Geronimo, AVP and head of public relations and external affairs, Megaworld, Tefel Pesigan-Valentino, senior AVP and head of marketing and business development, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, Ronald Maniarez, operations manager, Ayers Lechon and Hembler Mendoza, Lapu-Lapu City Tourism Chief Officer

Mactan Alfresco is also the best place to experience a slice of the famed Cebuano culture. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, guests at Mactan Alfresco can witness colorful performances showcasing the best Cebuano culture and tradition.


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