Prepare yourselves, because FEAR IS COMING. HYPER CEBU in collaboration with Parkmall and the City Government of Mandaue presents #HYPERHALLOWEEN coming this October 24-26, 2014. Strengthened and organized by the commitment of JCI Cebu Inc and Hyper Volunteers comes a spooktacular event this October. Following its latest tradition, there will be a weekend food market, a lifestyle bazaar, a bloggers meet, an indie music fest and a rave party in one destination. Another gathering of foodies, fashionistas, travelers, techies and musicians to empower and showcase youth entrepreneurship talent and culture.

On this event, Hyper Cebu will be introducing a new Cebuano passion: Fitness, to foster sportsmanship and promote an active and better lifestyle for all Sugbuanons. In line with this, we will be launching the #HyperHalloween Zombie Run. A fun run, first in Cebu, with military-like obstacles and a zombie survival arena with a 1.6K, 3K and 5K distance. Registration starts at 300 Pesos, 350 Pesos and 400 Pesos respectively at Runnr Ayala. Another first brought to you by Hyper Cebu.
#HYPERHALLOWEEN will also be making history by Gathering 25 of Cebu’s best DJs representing the 9 well-known clubs across the city of Cebu; The Distillery Cebu, Cable Car Cebu, Den, LIV Superclub, The Barcode, Alchology, Basic, Dozo Izakaya and J.Ave Superclub.

Being a charity and volunteer-ran event, this will be for the benefit of:
1) CEVSAR / Central Visayas Search & Rescue Group Incorporated
2) BIDLISIW Foundation a social welfare and development agency whose focused on helping the urban poor families, particularly the informal settlers in the cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Talisay
3) COLORS / Coalition for the Liberation of the Reassigned Sex. A foundation who aims to establish a united, strong, and empowered transgender community that nurtures to their well-being and welfare and rebuild a discrimination-free and equal society.
4) TEDxUniversityofSanCarlos - TEDx is an independently-organized TED event by Carolinian students where people in Cebu come together to share ideas worth spreading through live speakers, TED videos and interesting conversations.


For more Informations and inquiries, check their social media accounts at:

Social Media: Official hashtag is #HYPERHALLOWEEN
Facebook:     http://www.facebook.com/hypercebu
Twitter:         http://twitter.com/hypercebu
Instagram:    http://instagram.com/hypercebu
Mailto:     team@hypercebu.com or hypercebu@gmail.com
For Ticket & Booth Inquiries 09322326992. Look for Bryan.

Now, here's the #HYPERHALLOWEEN schedule of events:

Schedule: OCTOBER 24, 2014 Friday
Venue opens: 10AM
Venue closes: 10PM
10AM-10PM: bazaar and food festival opening, bloggers meet 4PM-8PM:
Indie Music Fest 8PM-10-PM:
Mild Rave with Deep House DJs

OCTOBER 25, 2014 Saturday
Venue opens: 10AM
Venue closes: 10PM

10AM-10PM: bazaar and food festival opening, bloggers meet
1PM-4PM: Indie Music Fest
4PM-6PM: Hyper Halloween Zombie Run
6PM-8:30PM: Indie Music Fest with Cebu's best bands
9PM-5AM: HYPER RAVE! Gathering of Cebu's biggest Clubs and Bars represented by their best Resident DJs (9 clubs: The Distillery Cebu, Cable Car Cebu, Den, LIV Superclub, The Barcode, Alchology, Basic, Dozo Izakaya and J.Ave Superclub) with over 25 of Cebu's well-known and Best DJs. DJ Funk Avy from Manila playing in prime time.

OCTOBER 26, 2014 Sunday
Venue opens: 10AM
Venue closes: 10PM

10AM-10PM: bazaar and food festival opening, bloggers meet, Kiddie Trick or Treating
4PM-8PM: Indie Music Fest
8PM-10-PM: Mild Rave with Deep House DJs


On Thursday, October 23, Pageant enthusiasts, Cebu Media and Bloggers will again gather for the presentation of this prestigious Pageant in Metro Cebu, The Miss Cebu 2015! Who will be the chosen twelve lovely Cebuanas to battle for next year's crown? Miss Cebu will celebrate it's 31st year next year and what surprises will they bring on stage? Without any ado, check below list of candidates.

Ms Cebu 2014 - Cheriemel Dianne Muego

UPDATE: Presenting to you the twelve lovely candidates for Miss Cebu 2015

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Photos credit to Miss Cebu Facebook Page and Joseph Ong and Kit Bajar photography.


Cebu is famous on it's culture, treasures, people's hospitality and most of all, the white sand of it's beaches. But lately, a Social Media post captured everybody's attention when a boy threw some trashes to the sea of Basdaku Beach Resort, a famous public beach in Moalboal, southern part of Cebu. Alex Banaag and his team (friends) came to Moalboal for a get together but that awesome weekend was polluted. Based on the his Facebook post, the boy stopped throwing his second basket full of garbages ( biodegradable and plastics ) when a lady approached him but what surprised them was when the Kid's "boss" took over and dumped those garbages to the sea.

Look at this kid with a basket of stuff, heading to the sea. What are inside that basket?

And there! Trashes in the sea!! What a shame!!!

Taking a look at what he had done. Maybe he has conscience and will pick them back to his basket?

Oh, he just left them! What a shame!!!

Now, here's your beautiful Basdaku Beach Resort!!!!
Garbages everywhere! Tsk2x!!!

Oh, wait, Is he coming back? Another basket of garbages?

Oh my, lookie! What happen to this kid? I think he was just asked to do it but wait, he should not, right?

Look at this!

Here's the full script of the Facebook post/status.

" Bas Dako Garbage Disposal.. What was supposedly a perfect weekend getaway was spoiled by this scenario. We were swimming near the shore when this kid threw garbage a few feet from where we were. After seeing the wastes dumped into the beach line, we immediately ran away to avoid getting "contaminated".
A lady seated a few meters from us approached the boy when he was about to throw a 2nd basket full of trash and whatever she said to him prompted him to stop. He went back and told his boss about it and his boss surprisingly took over and dumped 2 more. The kid followed and dumped even more!!!
Calling all government officials... Please put a stop to this. Jail the culprits!"

Beautiful and white sand of Basdaku Beach Resort in Moalboal Cebu. Photo by dms27.com

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Now, do we need to wait for our Seas and Beaches go dirty and ugly? Aside from these natural wonders give Locals opportunities and jobs, they are also signs of how wonderful and beautiful our place is. And we know that our government will just wait for this social media post to trend and be showed on Television before taking actions, we, the locals and concerned Citizens should do something in stopping this. Yes, We agree to Alex's post, "please put a stop to this, jail the culprits!"

Photo Credit by Alex Banaag.


Cebu City, the selfie capital of Visayas, is the next destination of Ipanema's drive of taking selfie to the next level. Dubbed as #IpanemaSelfeet , Ipanema Philippines dares Cebuanos chance of taking photos of their adventures, travel experiences and other stuff with their Ipanema flip flops. On October 12, 2014, Ipanema Philippines invites everybody to visit Ayala Center Cebu and take a IpanemaSelfeet.

Get discounts by uploading your photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #IpanemaSelfeet and present it Ipanema Store.

The Ipanema Selfeet Sunday events schedule:

Robinsons Ermita in Manila on September 21,
Ayala Center in Cebu on October 12 and
Abreeza Mall on November 16.

For more information about #IpanemaSelfeet, visit www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines


Yesterday marked the 10-day age of this newly opened Italian Restaurant in Cebu, La Busa. Together with other Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. members, FaceCebu.Net was able to experience their featured dishes and some offerings for Cebuanos. Focusing on Italian cuisine, La Busa gave us a preview on what would be the best servings for Cebuanos such as their best seller (so far) Braciola Di Maiale Pan Seared Pork Chop with Saute Beans which definitely a must try. La Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar is located at the ground floor of Tsai Hotel, Lahug Cebu.

Tsai Hotel in Lahug Cebu

LA Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar Entrance
Before we proceed to check their foods, let's give you a tour to their small but comfy place.

That small corner is your way to their small but clean comfort room

Check out their bar....

The owner was busy preparing foods for CBSi Bloggers

Drinks and other Menu are displayed in that blackboard , chalk written.

Here's another view....

Of course, here are the CBSi Bloggers who graced the food tasting (LEFT-RIGHT) Waitress, Agnes Jimenez of Empressofdrac.com , the owner Mr. Stefano Quaquarelli, Jweny Garcia and FaceCebu.net Owner, Mark M. Monta

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Aside from the mentioned main course above, check below for other delish foods. Note on the "MUST TRY" tag so that you won't be disappointed if ever you chose something that doesn't feel good with your taste buds. (wink)

This is a free or compliment appetizer while waiting for your order.
APPETIZER: Salamae e Formaggio Focaccia Bread with Salami and Parmesean Cheese (PHP 225.00) - MUST TRY!

MAIN COURSE: Fegato alla Veneziana Pork Liver Cooked with Onion Olive Oil ( PHP 215.00 ) - MUST TRY!

APPETIZER : Crab-cake served with Bell Pepper Pure (PHP 220.00)

PASTA: Lasgna Classic Italian Recipe (PHP 195.00) - MUST TRY!
MAIN COURSE: Pesce in Padella Pan Seared MAHI MAHI fillet with Shrimps Clam ( PHP 250.00 )

MAIN COURSE: (top and bottom) Braciola Di Maiale Pan Seared Pork Chop with Saute Beans (PHP 260.00) - MUST TRY!
And now, let's go to DESSERTS!!!!!

Cheesecake in a glass ( PHP 155.00 )- MUST TRY!
Tiramisu ( PHP 155.00 )

Dessert for the Night, Apple Pie
Contact Information:
La Busa Italian Restaurant and Bar
Facebook: ( no official facebook page yet)
Address: Ground floor of Tsai Hotel, Salinas drive Wilson street, Cebu City

NOTE: Prices may change. Please revisit and keep updated on this article.