Win A Creamy Carbonara, A Large Pan From Greenwich!

If we talk about Pizza and Pasta, one thing or should I say, one food store always comes into my mind and that's Greenwich. And who's craving for Greenwich Creamy Carbonara? Greenwich's Pasta gives you that smooth, special, yet value-for-money white sauce pasta experience. It has spaghetti noodles with a deliciously creamy white sauce, with a hint of cheesiness, ham, and bacon pieces that are generously mixed in. It is available in all Greenwich stores nationwide.

A Full Pan of Greenwich Creamy Carbonara which is good for 10-12 persons.

Creamy Carbonara starts at PHP 80.00 for snack size ala carte. Check below for details:

Delivery Hotline
Metro Manila 5-55-55
Cavite  435-5555
Metro Cebu 254-1000

Delivery Website |
*Serves Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Metro Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao and CDO

Contact Greenwich on their Social Media Accounts:

WIN A LARGE FULL PAN Creamy Carbonara from Greenwich!!!

Here's the MECHANICS:
1. Go and Follow FaceCebu.Net Official Twitter Account ( @FaceCebu )
2. Post a comment to the status of FaceCebu.Net Facebook  page with "I want to win #Greenwich #CreamyCarbonara Thanks #FaceCebu "
3. Send a message to the page with your details ( Full Name, Contact Number, Address and Twitter Handle )

10 WINNERS will be announced on our Facebook Page, Stay tune on June 30th!
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Posted by bugITs

Visiting Paulo Luna Resort And Spa In San Fernando Cebu

All I thought San Fernando, Southern part of Cebu, has nothing cool to offer but I was "judgmental" on that part. Just last Sunday, on a Father's Day morning, I visited a Resort together with friends to celebrate Lenny's birthday. Situated in the North Poblacion of San Fernando, Paulo Luna Resort And Spa is a "Pool-inspired" Resort with a modern style of architecture. The Resort is very clean with 3 kinds of pools and a mini-Jacuzzi. They officially opened August of last year. The Resort is available at 8 AM and closes at 5:00 PM.

Big Pool at Paulo Luna Resort and Spa

A photo posted by Mark Monta (@mmonta) on

Basic Expenses/Fees:

Entrance Fee
Child - PHP 250.00
Adult - PHP 350.00
** Additional of PHP 100.00, excess hour

Room Rates:
Standard Room - PHP 2750.00
Deluxe Room - PHP 4250.00
Family Room (4-7 persons) - PHP 6250.00
** This includes free use of gym, breakfast and use of pool

Photos grabbed from iTravelRox, a co-CBS blogger who already been there  a year ago.

Phone:(032) 488 9447

Additional photos of the Pool

Live The Smart Way, A #SmartLife !

In the past few days, I got hooked to reading. This hobby doesn't just give me entertainment but it helps me expand my vocabulary and of course, reduce stress. But sometimes, there are words which are new to me and I just thank God, SMART Communications partnered with Free Internet By Facebook, I can easily browse the Dictionary online even without any Load. Now, that's "Convenience Everywhere"! And speaking of Convenience, have you tried going to a Coffee Shop and forgot to bring some cash? It's a shame, right? Just recently, I discovered how to pay the Smart way - the #SmartLife way.

A photo posted by Mark Monta (@mmonta) on
Here are some James Patterson Books - I'm a Fan! And I am reading them with the free Dictionary online by Smart Communications.
Indeed, even during commute, I am reading books. 

You might be interested on this what they call Charge2Phone program. It's not charging your mobile phone because it got "battery empty" but turning your mobile phone into a credit card. It's amazing! I know! We can now do our payment processes in a modern convenience with Charge2Phone. For details, visit

Do you want to experience and live the Smart Way? Check this video.

VIDEO: Ayala Center Cebu's Cinema 5 Ceiling Falls

During the Launching of Dreamscape Networks, Inc's latest Ad Campaign, a part of Ayala Center Cebu's Cinema 5 Ceiling collapsed. As reported by Sun.Star Cebu, "The police station in Mabolo received the call for help at 9:10 p.m. and was told only that part of the ceiling in Cinema 5 had fallen. Police have yet to confirm if anyone was hurt." As of now, a team from Cebu City Police Station 4 is investigating the incident.

[UPDATE via Sun.Star -- Philippine news] "At 8:50 pm today, part of the ceiling fell during a movie screening at Cinema 5. We are yet to investigate the cause of the incident. As of the moment, our priority is to ensure the safety of those who were present," Jeanette Japzon, corporate communications manager of Cebu Holdings, Inc. said.

[UPDATE via Ayala Center Cebu] At around 8:50 in the evening today, a part of the ceiling fell during an exclusive movie screening at cinema 5. We have evacuated the area and have accounted for six injured people who have been given medical attention. We are currently investigating the cause of the incident. Thank you.

At around 8:50 in the evening today, a part of the ceiling fell during an exclusive movie screening at cinema 5. We...
Posted by Ayala Center Cebu on Monday, June 15, 2015

A screenshot taken from Sir Alexis's Video post in Facebook

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A screenshot of Sun.Star Cebu's post on their official Facebook Page
A screenshot taken from Theo Java's Video post in Facebook

Here's a photo post from Carl Dave Black Ang

Video Credit Alexis Yap (shared with permission)

Ayala Center Cebu - Cinema 5 Collapse?!
Ayala Center Cebu - Cinema 5 Collapse?!Check this video captured by Alexis Yap (Shared with permission)
Posted by on Monday, June 15, 2015
And here's another view of the incident, uploaded by Theo Java (Facebook User)

God, thank you for saving everyone...Credit to Charles for the video.@Ayala Cinema 5
Posted by Theo Java on Monday, June 15, 2015

WATCH: Laglag Barya or "Hulog-Hulog Piso" Modus Operandi Inside 13C Jeepney

Last Friday, A Youtube User Astig Tao uploaded a video showing how this "Coin-Dropping" or "Laglag Barya" or "Hulog-Hulog Piso" Modus Operandi works. You can see that the person (near to the Driver's seat) is dropping coins while at the same time moving his seat near to the victim (the lady with a handbag). While doing such, you would notice another person with a black backpack that covers his lap doing something suspicious. When the drama was done, you can then see that the person with a backpack finally took something inside the lady's handbag. Bottomline, every commuters should always and again "always" take care and should always look after their belongings when inside a public transportation.

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Now, here's the video we are talking about.

Posted by on Monday, June 15, 2015

Caption by Astig Tao, "This video was taken last June 12, 2015. Tan.awa ila mga tactics. 4 sila kabu ok and solid ug lawas pa ang usa. 13C ni na jeep padulong talamban. Please do share and be careful."

Process Your "Air You Go" Payments In MLhuillier

Cebu Based Travel Agency, AIR YOU GO TRAVELS Philippines Co. had inked partnership with MLHUILLIER Financial Services, Inc. (MFSI) last June 5. Their Customers can now process their payments for booked packages in any MLhuillier 1,910 branches nationwide. A service fee of PHP 20 will be charged per P50,000 transaction. In addition, the event highlighted Air You Go Travel's 50,000 Likes in their Facebook Page. The Agency receives an estimate of 2,000 messages a day with 10-15 translates to actual bookings.
A photo posted by Mark Monta (@mmonta) on

Mr. Michel Lhuillier, MLhuillier Pawnshops Owner (second from the left) and Mark Kenneth Iverson Calog, Air You Go Travels Co-Founder (second from the right) and Rhamric Peñola Simpron posed during the signing of partnership agreement of the two companies in Cebu Mandarin Hotel. Photo by Christian Maningo of Cebu Daily News
M. Lhuillier pawnshops,
Michel Lhuillier
Michel Lhuillier
Michel Lhuillier

About Air You Go Travels

AIR YOU GO TRAVELS Philippines Co. is a Cebu City based travel and tours that offers affordable & cheapest travel packages to the public at very affordable rates for both local & international destinations.

AIR YOU GO TRAVELS Philippines Co. provides travel-planning services and online booking reservation for an unforgettable vacations in Philippines. The service industry, including travel agencies, is one of the fastest growing business sector areas of the economy, and AIR YOU GO TRAVELS Philippines Co. intends to capitalize on the success of this industry by taking advantage of travel planning opportunities.

Contact Air You Go Travels

Email: /
Phone:        (032) 260-3914 | (032) 401-1041 | +63 922-989-1082 (SUN) ; +63 936-222-3177 (GLOBE) ; +63 998-397-9495 (SMART) |
Social Media Voice:    viber: +63905-663-0570 | wechat: AirYouGo
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Posted by bugITs

Check These Cebuanos Who Twerk It Like Miley In Dubsmash

Oh, remember that song in 2014 by American singer Brandon Beal? Yes, we're referring to "Twerk It Like Miley" and thanks to Dubsmash, that song climb up to fame this month as Guys on Social Media posted their short selfie videos dubbing it.

Follow us at FACEBOOK , TWITTER  (@facecebu) and INSTAGRAM (@mmonta)

Do you know a Cebuano who has #TwerkItLikeMiley dubsmash video? Send his Facebook Profile and Video Link to FaceCebu.Net's FB Page and we will include them in the list.

Now, check these Dubsmash videos from our Cebuano friends who Twerk it like Miley!

François Osalla

The "Twerk it like Miley" Fever! Ahaha!As requested by Ignathio Durano IIII nominate Aldreii Castro from Davao to do his own version.
Posted by François Osalla on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sinjin Pineda 

The video that will put all MILEY TWERKING videos to shame! ;))

Posted by Sinjin Pineda on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Carlo Corominas Jesalva

Due to Kor Estrada's request, I shall put this up. I hate to join the bandwagon but, she'd post the video if I didn't thus leading me to do this. Hahaha! THIS IS SO RACHET. I KNOW. HAHAHAHA

Posted by Carlo Corominas Jesalva on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stace Phelps Cervantes

Start na yung class. Ito pangpa goodvibes "Start Twerking Like Miley"
Posted by Stace Phelps Cervantes on Monday, June 8, 2015

Mark Guerra

Manic Monday ! Twerk it like Miley !Payts ra? Hahaha
Posted by Mark Guerra on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kenneth Earl Medrano

Para ma in sad ko ba. Hahaha this one is better! lol
Posted by Kenneth Earl Medrano on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PHOTO: Cebu Pacific Air New Logo

Philippines' favorite Airline, Cebu Pacific Air revealed it's new logo last June 1. Per Press Release, the new logo symbolizes the airline’s growth and evolution from a low-cost pioneer to its larger operations today. It features shades of the Philippines’ land, sea, sky and sun.

Cebu Pacific Air New Logo
We have always prioritized building an extensive network within and from the Philippines, because we know how much air travel makes a difference in the lives of Filipinos. We bring the Philippine warmth and sense of fun everywhere we go. Now, with the Philippines natural colors on our logo, we showcase the country to the world,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog.

The new branding is not just a tribute to our roots, but also a nod to the future. As we expand to farther shores, we look forward to being an even more relevant player in the wider, global market,” she added.

A game changer, CEB began flying in March 1996 with four aircraft and 24 flights to key cities in the country. It revolutionized the air travel industry and changed the way Filipinos traveled. Now, it operates over 2,200 weekly flights to 34 domestic and 28 international destinations, utilizing 55 aircraft. With its wholly owned subsidiary Cebgo, it offers the widest network in the country. The airline also recently flew its 100 millionth passenger.

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Posted by bugITs

A Quick Visit To Canigao Island of Matalom Leyte

On an early Sunday morning, Cousins, friends and I visited the beautiful Islet of Canigao, near the municipality of Matalom Leyte. As what I heard from Bloggers and friends, Canigao won't fail your expectations as what an island should look like - and I mean, Canigao Island has white sands covering the seashore, some green trees enough to complement that powdery sands and of course, if you didn't know, during low tides, you will probably love to stay on its mini-sandbar which extends far from the seashore. 


A photo posted by Mark Monta (@mmonta) on

A photo posted by Mark Monta (@mmonta) on

So, wanna know HOW TO GET TO CANIGAO ISLAND? (Base on our Experience)

FaceCebu.Net Author (LEFT) and his cousins and friends
1. If you are from Cebu, take the Shipping Service from Cebu to Hilongos ( PHP 250-350.00 , Economy of Roble Shipping )
2. From Hilongos Port, take a cycle rickshaw or trisikad going to Highway ( PHP 15-20.00 )
3. From the Highway, take a Jeep going to Matalom ( PHP 30-40.00 )
4. From Matalom Highway, walk to Matalom Port going to Canigao Island
4. From Canigao island port, list down your name and pay for pumpboat fare (back and forth) ( PHP 95.00 - 50 for fare and 45 for entrance fee which includes use of comfort room, shower room and island maintenance)

Me and Cousins at Hilongos Port

Canigao Island is being maintained and managed by Local Government Unit (LGU) of Matalom Leyte.

Here are some photos we have during our stay.

My Cousin and I in the early morning shot at Matalom Port

FaceCebu.Net Author in Matalom Port

Here are some of our group photos near the Sandbar

And of course, this summer outing won't be complete without the "Jump Shot"

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