Arrival Story : Fun in Japan!

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[OCTOBER 14, 2019] It was last January, right after the Hong Kong trip, I promised to visit my dream Asian Country, Japan. I then knew that two of my officemates loved to go too, so as they said, "the more, the merrier" and indeed, it was a 9-day full of happiness and joy in Japan. And this is my arrival story.

Me feeling chill at the Backpackers Hotel Toyo, Osaka, Japan
Originally, we were scheduled to depart by October 12, Saturday, but Typhoon Hagibis was very strong that time that Cebu Pacific Air advised canceling our Flight and of course, they were so accommodating that we were able to reschedule by October 14. So, yeah, that Monday was the most exciting of all Mondays ever!

Boarding  in a Shinkansen Train going to Osaka

Our flight was on time and we arrived at Narita International Airport by 6 plus in the evening. First on our mind was to exchange our JR Pass at the JR East Travel Service Center where you can also by Suica Card in case you just want to roam around Tokyo. IMPORTANT TIP: During JR Pass exchange, do not forget to ask the personnel on duty to reserve you a seat on the shinkansen train most especially if you are traveling directly from Tokyo to Osaka coz it's 4-6 hours of the trip.

What is JR Pass? For those who travel to Japan and wish to explore the country in 7 days or more, make sure to get or purchase JR Pass in Klook.  JR Pass or Japan Rail Pass is a rail pass specially design to boost tourism and travel throughout the country. JR Pass can only be used by Visitors or Tourists visiting Japan. It is available for 7, 14 or 21 day passes. The unlimited rides include Shinkansen or Bullet Train, JR Buses and if we are going to the famous Itsukushima Shrine, then we can ride free Miyajima Ferry. It has two types - ordinary and green car classes which are worth PHP 13,861 and PHP 18,686 respectively. For me, they are both the same except for Green Cars have spacious leg rooms and less crowded. But, being with people is part of the travel, right? So, I recommend getting the Ordinary Car for your trip. Nothing beats JR Pass as we'll experience riding one of the fastest bullet trains in Asia, the Shinkansen!

Flaunting my JR Pass card while Shinkansen train was approaching

Do you know why JR Pass is important if you are planning to visit a number of tourist destinations in Japan?

1. It is affordable. In just less than PHP 15K from Klook, you can already travel as far as Hiroshima if you are staying from #Tokyo or #Osaka in 7 days' validity. (Note: Tokyo - Hiroshima costs JPY 18380 one way ( PHP 10,211))
2. A lot of local trains are also part of the JR Service.
3. Easy to navigate within the station as they have large JR signs especially made for Tourists.
4. They have a special mobile app called NAVI TIME which you can check every time your planning to visit one of Japan's Travel spots. It works like Google Maps but much better for Japan Transportation.
5. They have a special lane for JR Pass users, thus, getting away from human traffic in the ticket lane.

TIP: You can watch my documentation on JR Pass exchange and other details on my VLOG Channel soon. 

A Ramen I bought from Family Mart near our hostel. It was good too.
After the acquisition of JR Pass, we then headed directly to the Shinkansen train as we needed to arrive in our Hostel early for check-in. I designed our Itinerary and we decided to explore first the southern prefectures of Japan so that we can maximize our JR Pass.

Backpackers Hotel Toyo in Osaka
Me feeling chill at the Backpackers Hotel Toyo, Osaka, Japan

Where to stay in Osaka? This is not a sponsored post because we paid fully the hostel but their service and accommodation are definitely one of Japan's best. We stayed at Backpackers Toyo Hostel which is situated at the center of Osaka. The hostel is very near to Don Quijote and some establishments not to mention my personal fave ramen place - Ramen Goku. Promise, it's the best!

A cute map posted in the waiting area of the hostel. It was very helpful in our search for good food. 

I did not edit this food shot in Ramen Goku coz I want to show you the real photo. It was really really good.



So, basically, our first day is all about arrival to Japan and travel from Narita to Osaka. It was a busy day but it was full of jaFUN!!!

Check out our first day, A Day In Hiroshima and Itsukushima Shrine Japan!

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