What This Cebuana Model Did To A 64 Year Old Lady Will Break Your Heart.

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It started last July 28, 2014 when Miss Cebu 2013 Candidate, Miss MARIVEE ANN VELASQUEZ, posted a very long status in her Facebook Wall with a photo of an old Lady inside a food chain and an introductory note, "This is really worth the share - you can make someone's dream come true by doing so." And yes, it is "worth the share"!!!

Mam Aurelia C. Alburo while eating inside Jollibee

So to cut the story short, Here are some scenes that will surely left you think that Life is indeed full of Hope and Faith is restored! ( You can read the full script at the bottom part of this post )

  • Velasquez met Miss Aurelia C. Alburo, a 64-year old Lady, who begged for a 6-PESO coin inside a public transportation just to pay for her fare.
  • Mam Aurelia rode a wrong Public Jeepney which led Ms Velasquez to accompany her to the nearest terminal or "Jeepney Stop" where the Old Lady can take a ride to her destination.
  • And after doing so, this kind-hearted Marivee noticed that the Old Lady might had not eaten her dinner yet, thus Marivee offered her a dinner.
  • While eating, Marivee was so curioused and wanted to know more about this old Lady so she started asking questions.
  • Marivee found out that Mam Aurelia came here in Cebu to pursue her dream to study General Education at University of Visayas. It has been her dream in which she had done everything just to get scholarship. She has no job but she's still hopeful for her dream as she knew she is with God and God will help her in her prayer and dream. She even walked from Sto. Rosario Church to Mambaling ( which is 3.2 Kilometer distance ) just to pray to God regarding her dream and her scholarship.
  • After eating, Marivee accompanied Mam Aurelia and took a cab going to a nearest terminal. Marivee noticed that the Old Lady was crying due to her first time riding a taxi or cab. The story of Mam Aurelia really broke Marivee heart and grateful at the same time for helping her. She even promised to see the old lady again in the church she use to visit and pray. 

So when the lengthy post of Cebuana Model trended in Facebook with 4,445 LIKES and 1,548 shares (as of this writing), a Miss Jackee Gullas - Weckman, who happens to be the Vice President of Academic in University of Visayas, messaged Ms Marivee with "Hi Marivee, Good morning! Just wanted to let you know that our Guidance counselors were looking for Manang Aurelia yesterday at Sto. Rosario Church at Noon. They were also looking for her in Mabolo since one of our counselors have met Manang Aurelia before. If they don't see her today - they will also go to St. Vicente Ferrer Parish tomorrow at 6 pm. Don't worry we won't give up looking for Manang Aurelia!" Now that's God working Mam Aurelia's Dream! Yes?!

On July 31, Miss Jackee messaged Marivee again with a very good news! Check this out!

"Good morning Marivee! We have found Manang Aurelia and she is now officially enrolled at UV!! She met with my father - Dodong Gullas who is the Executive VP & he assured her that all her tuition & fees are fully covered so she wouldn't be paying anything. We are trying to find a part time job for her in the meantime to help her out financially as well. If you have any job leads for Manang Aurelia - kindly let us know. Thank you again for following up! Will definitely keep you posted on Manang Aurelia's situation. Take care and best regards, Jackee :) "

Yes, that 64-year old Lady who never lose her faith to God is finally a stone throw away from her dream. Now, are you still murmuring of waking up early just to go to school? Do you still cut classes just to play DOTA or do some bad habits you are having now? Think again, follow Mam Aurelia Alburo!

Kudos to University of Visayas, to Sir Dodong Gullas, to Ms Jackee Gullas-Weckman and of course to our very own Ms  MARIVEE ANN VELASQUEZ - you guys are true blooded Cebuanos!

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: Miss MARIVEE ANN VELASQUEZ original script in her post in FACEBOOK :

"This is really worth the share - you can make someone's dream come true by doing so.

This is Aurelia C. Alburo. I met her on a jeepney from Talamban to Mandaue. At first she just asked me what time it was so I nonchalantly told her it was 5 minutes to 9. I wasn't used to talking to strangers especially on the jeepney but she caught my attention when she said to the lady next to me "dai, naa kay 6 pesos? Pwede ko nimo mahatagan?" (Miss, do you have 6 pesos? Can you please spare me some change?) I looked at the lady that she was talking to and saw that she just stared at Manang Aurelia. She probably got the hint that the lady didn't want to spare her some change so she looked out of the window. From then I didn't take my eyes off her. I started becoming concerned. Not sure if I should butt in and give her money or if I'd just stay out of it. Then a girl sat next to Manang Aurelia and again asked for 6 pesos from her which she gladly gave. Then paid it as fare when I asked her
"nang, asa paman diay ka mu adto?" (Where are you headed?)
"Mu adto pako og colon dai"
(I'm going to Colon)
"Mag unsa man ka sa Colon run orasa Nang?"
(What will you be doing in Colon at this time?)
"Mag lakaw padung Alaska Mambaling, dai"
(I'll walk from there to Alaska Mambaling)
It shocked me to hear an old lady say that she'd walk from Colon to Mambaling at this hour! When I asked her why she'd walk she said that she didn't have money for fare and was shy to ask people for money. I kept on asking questions until I found out that she did not know that the jeep we were on would not go to Colon and she doesn't know where she is. So from Mandaue Highway I offered to go with her to SM so she can take a jeep to Pardo then Mambaling. When we got off the jeepney, the old lady swayed then I realized that she probably hasn't even eaten. I brought her to Jollibee and that's when she started talking about herself. She told me what her name and age is. She told me she's from Masbate but just came here to study. Yes, she wants to study! She has been trying really hard to get a scholarship into #UniversityofVisayas Main to study General Education. It has been her dream to finish the degree - that up until now she is still working on it even if she has no means, she's still trying. I started tearing up when she told me her wish to help educate people both academically and spiritually. As a devote Catholic, she has been putting the approval of a scholarship into the hands of God. She told me that she would walk everyday from Sto. Rosario church to Mambaling just to pray for her scholarship. She doesn't have a job, no family, no friends. She told me that all she has is God and it was more than enough for her (Talk about faith!)
It really moved me that someone at the age of 64 would still want to finish studying! It was her one greatest wish. So after eating (she didn't finish the chicken - she asked if she could bring it so she'd have something to eat tomorrow), we took a cab to SM. She started sobbing - it took me awhile to realize that it was tears of joy coz she has never ridden on a taxi cab before - it broke my heart but at the same time was glad to have given her one of her firsts. We got to SM and I gave her the last remainder of my cash and told the jeepney barker to please make sure that she gets into a jeepney to Mambaling. When we said our goodbyes she told me that she wishes to give me something but she has nothing on her. So I told her that her relentless "thank yous" were more than enough.

I promised her that I would see her again in Sto. Rosario because tonight she touched me alot. That even at 64 years old, she is still chasing her dreams of finishing her studies and spreading the good word of the Lord.

I know that this is a very lengthy post but I just want you guys to know that she deserves that scholarship - the chance to finish her studies. Some of you might even go "blah so what?" when you read this but I swear, the way she told me things.. So unadulterated - so passionate about it.

So please, if the right people can see this. They might have the heart to give her her scholarship. And we can all be instruments of her dream coming true."

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  1. kung wala na expose in public ..wala intawn na actionan ang damgo ni manang..hahaizt :(

    1. At least they did something.

      Ikaw? Unsay nahimo nimo?

  2. Some people need publicity before they will take an action regardless of how small or big the issue is!

    1. And what do you need to take action?

      Have YOU done anything to help others reach their dreams?

  3. We're just very happy that the Gullas Family helped manang Aurelia achieve her greatest dream. As of now, manang Aurelia is studying at the University of Visayas-Main Campus. Thanks to those people who shared her story.

  4. If you ask from your heart and you keep the faith. God will send somebody!

  5. A lot of people would feel so righteous to say "kung wala ni na media dili mo materialize" or "dapat naay media before mo tabang" etc. What is important is when you take a pause, and u take time to ask God/Buddha/Allah/Jehova (and others) like any innocent child with pure mind and conscience that Super Being will use all means to give that dream. So do random works of kindness to anyone, maybe that "Being" will use you as an instrument to someone....

  6. See what faith and hope does? So happy to have read this article today. Good luck Manang Aurelia! :)

  7. Im just glad she met you Ms Marivee ........ happy ending :p

    T O L E

  8. Its because UV is a University with a heart welcome again nay , classmate ghapon ta

  9. God will make a way. "Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you". Thanks to Marivee, Facebook and the Gullas Family for making manang Aurelia achieve her dream. God made you an instrument and the answer of other people's prayers. For me it is not about publicity but it is about sharing how powerful prayers are and about helping other people. It should be taken as an instrument to help us or make us realize how important to help other people even how small it is it means life to them. When I read this post it really moved me and made me cry. For sure that's what the Gullas family felt when they read this post it's really touching. For those people who would take this post negatively or think of it as for publicity you should examine yourself first if you did your share of helping other people maybe you're just like the other passengers of the jeep who did not give your spare P6.00 pesos. I am not a friend of Marivee and the Gullas family and I don't know them but now I am a fan of them specially Marivee that's the true spirit of a good christian. To Marivee hopefully your dreams and prayers will also be answered. I hope that God will touch all our hearts to have faith and do everything to achieve our dreams as what manang Aurelia did. "Lihok tawo, kay tabangan ko ikaw" Hopefully you will agree with me. Thank you and God bless us all. ...Dandan...

  10. Let this story be an eye opener to all the students.......who's just taking their schooling for granted!

  11. ,,,I still believe in the goodness of the human spirit,,,

  12. Cge na lng gud. Bahalag for publicity lng. At least nitabang. Im not a UV graduate but i sill salute the university.

  13. I applaud SIR DODONG GULLAS & MS JACKIE WECKMAN, for your generosity & kindness in helping Manang Aurelia........DREAMS DO COME TRUE!
    Hats off to you too! MARIVEE, a very kind hearted Cebuana!

  14. daghan mangud scholars sa UV. daghan ilang student assistants.

    tinuod na unversity with a heart.

  15. Di na pwede actionan ug dili pod sila kahibawo... Pasalamat nalang nga dunay nitabang kay bisan kita mismo dili gani katabang sa silingan. jejejeje

  16. I saw this lady in several occasions at the Cup & Saucer dishing out utensils efficiently thinking she's one of the cleaners or probably dishwasher. But what caught my attention is her act of pooling leftovers, consume it oblivious of the other diners and reserve some in a plastic (now I can imagine it for her future meal). I asked myself why the establishment tolerated her presence thinking that she's "someone" else. But I was wrong, she is sensible, courteous and well-kept despite her obviously very worn outfit. I thought that was the only arrangement but one time she was served a full meal with soda by one of the servers. C&S also extends its generosity to this needy lady May be C&S could hire her just to assist her meet both ends while pursuing her ambition. Afterall, its location is a good walking distance to the University of the Visayas (UV), one of the best and time-tested universities in the country and a very generous institution which wholeheartedly and officially enrolled ACA in her chosen field.

    Sorry guys, am not promoting these two establishments. Only that I am a regular fixture at the Cup & Saucer especially lunchtime due to its good and affordable variety of foods (for those minimum wage earner --including myself) and sanitation is assured. Second, I am not a UV"nian" much less a graduate of any school/university in the city. I only reminisce my ardent aspiration to study at UV but poverty struck it (don't even think I am intimating to secure a scholarship from UV). Modesty aside, I am about to get my Masters.


  17. Good Luck & All the Best to Manang Aurelia as she start her journey as a STUDENT, & to all her teachers & her future teachers to be.......may you guide, encourage,& inspire her in this new chapter in her life.

  18. This best example of everything happens for a reason..

  19. Soo touched with the story..Good luck and wish u all the best in your studies nay Aurelia.GOD is really2x good all the time to those people na wala miundang ug ampo na makab ot ilang greatest dreams in life!!


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