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Miss Cebu 2015 Official Winners and Special Awards

Ms. Wynonah Van Joy Buot is Miss Cebu 2015 Winner, grabs all Special Awards
On January 14, Wednesday, Miss Cebu 2015 Coronation Night will be held at Cebu City Waterfront Hotel and Casino at 6:30 in the evening. During this memorable night, Twelve lovely candidates will vie the most coveted crown in the Queen City of the South. Who do you think will get the Miss Cebu 2015 title? Stay updated on this post as we will bring the live feeds of #MissCebu2015

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List of Winners:
Miss Cebu 2015 Candidate # 12 - Ms. Wynonah Van Joy Buot
1st RU: Candidate # 10 - Ms. Ma. Genefe Navilon
2nd RU: Candidate # 4 -Ms. Aivy Mae Castro
3rd RU: Candidate # 7 - Ms. Lucena Rose Magdadaro
4th RU: Candidate # 11 - Ms. Domenic Reynes

Special Awards
Kapamilya Star of the Night – Candidate # 12 - Ms. Wynonah Van Joy Buot
Best in Evening Gown – Candidate # 12 - Ms. Wynonah Van Joy Buot
Miss Friendship by Waterfront – Candidate # 12 - Ms. Wynonah Van Joy Buot
Miss Photogenic by Ngenius – Candidate # 12 - Ms. Wynonah Van Joy Buot

Miss Cebu 2015 Headshots taken from Miss Cebu Facebook Page

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This was an evening event, so the setting was nice, warm and welcoming. The floors at Chicago restaurants were dark wood with iron chandeliers above, leather club chairs and benches.


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