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Top Game Of Thrones Cosplayers At Marco Polo Season 7 Finale Viewing Party

It's been four days after the epic finale episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7 but the fever never stops! Last Monday, a number of viewing events were held here in Cebu but only one emerged at the top and that's Marco Polo's Season 7 Finale viewing party. Promised to offer an amazing experience, the Hotel initiated a one of a kind costume contest accompanied with different activities such as GOT Panel Discussion, Trivia Game and Musical Performance. But we will not talk about what happened during that event, we will see who made it to our top list of Game Of Thrones Costume Playing!

Game Of Thrones Cosplayers during the Marco Polo Season 7 Finale Viewing Party
Game Of Thrones Cosplayers during the Marco Polo Season 7 Finale Viewing Party. Collage by Pics by Marco Polo Facebook Page.
Are you ready? Together with my officemate and a true-blooded GoT Fan, #LaagPaMore Blogger, Jacinth Suico helped me picked the top 10 CosPlayers who joined Marco Polo's event and stood out as they carried the costume and character very well. Check this out!

But before the top 10, here are some runner up! 

Ellaria Sand
Ellaria Sand

Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo (Yes, a female version!)

Margaery Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell

Here's our Night King!
Here's our Night King!

Sansa Stark
Cebu's version of Sansa Stark, what do you think?

Now, here's FaceCebu's Top 10 List of Game Of Thrones Cosplayers!

TOP 10 - Lady Olenna Tyrell
TOP 10 - Lady Olenna Tyrell

TOP 9 - Arya Stark
TOP 9 - Arya Stark

Top 8 - Jon Snow
TOP 8 - Jon Snow

Top 7 - Septa Unella
TOP 7 - Septa Unella

TOP 6 -  Daenerys Targaryen
TOP 6 -  Daenerys Targaryen 

Are you ready for the TOP 5???? (Drum roll please?!!!)

TOP 5 - Oberyn Martell
TOP 5 - Oberyn Martell

TOP 4 - Melisandre
TOP 4 - Melisandre

TOP 3 - Missandei
TOP 3 - Missandei

TOP 2 - Faceless Jaqen H'ghar
TOP 2 - Faceless Jaqen H'ghar

TOP 1 - Social Media Star, Jomie Hospital asCersei Lannister
TOP 1 - Social Media Star, Jomie Hospital as Cersei Lannister

By the way, sorry for our poor photoshop skills but those Cosplayers rock! Till next!

Credit to Marco Polo Plaza Facebook Page for the Raw Photos.

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