2011: New Year, New Taxi Fare

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Starting next year, 2011, year of the metal rabbit, the new flagdown rate of Philippine Taxi will be at PHP 40.00 from PHP 30.00. And for every succeeding 300 meters, costumers will experience the PHP 3.50 amount from PHP 2.50.

These changes occurred after The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has granted an increase of the flagdown rate by PHP 10 and the rate for the succeeding distance by PHP 1.

For the Taxi Driver to avail the new rates, he must follow hereunder guidelines:

Ø All duly franchised taxi operators are deemed to have individually applied for an increase of rate and shall pay to the board a filing fee for an increase of fare amounting to P510 per case number;

Ø All taxi cabs must be equipped either by a taxi meter issuing receipt or, in the absence thereof, by a printer that will issue a receipt to the passenger;

Ø All taxi operators shall have their meters properly tested and sealed by LTFRB's authorized personnel. A testing and sealing fee is set at P500 per unit;

Ø Taxi drivers shall wear their company's respective uniforms and maintain to be well groomed at all times. The drivers are prohibited from wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, and slippers while driving on duty;

Ø Taxi drivers shall not operate their respective vehicles if their taxi meters are defective;

Ø Taxi drivers shall not engage in contracting of passenger and overcharging of fares;

Ø Taxi drivers shall not refuse any passenger nor ask them of their destination before boarding their taxi;

Ø Taxi drivers shall not round-off fares and must bring enough coins to give passengers their exact change. Candies and/or gums are not allowed as change;

Ø Taxi drivers shall issue a receipt to passengers at all times whether the passengers ask for it or not.

The rate increase will be effectively implemented on January 15, 2011.

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