IMAX PICK A PRIZE (Watch Tron Legacy Now)

by - 5:56 AM

Seasons of giving is still on the air!

As we are busy preparing for the Sinulog Festival 2011, we need to chill and experience iMAX 3D at SM and at the same time, win some prizes!

IMAX Theatre SM Cinema Cebu has a great offerings for movie goers and another reason for celebration.

Here's the guideline to get those prizes.

1. For every purchase of two (2) TRON Legacy IMAX tickets at any IMAX theater from December 25, 2010 to January 18, 2011, you will have a chance to play the pick-a-prize game.

2. Present your IMAX movie tickets to ticketseller and pick a stub from the fishbowl. You will automatically receive the corresponding prize indicated on the stub.

log on to or call (032) 231-4852 / 231-3876 to reserve and buy your tickets.

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