Cebu Bloggers Society and Partners Announce World Bloggers’ Day 2011

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Cebu, Philippines, March 11, 2011—Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.(CBSi), along with its local and international partners, announces World Bloggers’ Day 2011 to be held in Cebu, Philippines, on May 2011.

Blogging has indeed become more than just an electronic platform of expression. It is now used for business marketing and self-promotion and for personal and social causes. It has also linked like-minded individuals in different parts of the world and has been identified as an effective tool in online media.

To celebrate the friendship and to foster unity as well as professional and personal relationships, CBSi is inviting every blogger to participate in the upcoming World Bloggers’ Day 2011, with the theme: “World Bloggers’ Day 2011: The Roles of Bloggers.”

The affair will offer participants plenty of online activities, including interactions among local and international partners, a series of lectures and discussions, live blogging, and loads of fun and entertainment.

CBSi initiated World Bloggers’ Day as a way of gathering all bloggers in all corners of the globe. The first World Bloggers’ Day happened last May 2, 2010, in Parkmall Cebu.

Initially participated by Cebu-based bloggers, the event has already attained wider recognition and has gained the interest and partnership of various blog-based organizations, both here and abroad. Through their leaders, CBSi has obtained the participation confirmation of the following:

World Bloggers’ Day is a celebration of the digital media revolution with the ultimate aim to unite the world through blogs and bloggers.

The World Bloggers’ Day International Team is still scouting for more local & international partners. For more details about the upcoming event, particularly about how to join, send your e-mail to

About the Society

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization. It is the first blogging society in the country that is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. Composed of more than 60 members, CBSi aims to promote the province through the use of new media such as blogging and social networking. It also desires to develop its members to be value-driven, productive nation builders by utilizing online media to reach out communities, locally and internationally.

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