Mr. Mandaue 2011 Winners Announced

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Mr. Mandaue 2011 pageant night was held at Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) on May 3, 2011.

Here are the official winners of Mr. Mandaue 2011: (Thank you Marvin Llanos Maning for the timely updates)

Mr. Mandaue 2011 Winner: Candidate Number 16 - Danilo Belangel

Photo Credit: Marvin Llanos Maning
First Runner Up: Candidate Number 7 - Daryl Borces
Second Runner Up: Candidate Number 4 - Yves Campos
Third Runner Up: Candidate Number 10 - Ludwig Dan Beltran
Fourth Runner Up: Candidate Number 6 - Carlos Ching

By the way, here are the official candidates:

1.Dard-Wali Arranchado
2.Rafael Torneros
3.Don Aaron Inocian
4.Yves Campos
5.Franz Cimafranca
6.Brylee Marloyd Camargo
7.Daryl Borces
8.Wenzel Don Sevilleno
9.Giuliano Galicia
10.Ludwig Dan Beltran
11.Carlos Ching
12.Anfeihl Cid Orbeta
13.Richard Alex Ventura
14.Charles Matienzo
15.Ummar Sambilad
16.Danilo Belangel

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  1. Fourth runner up, candidate no. 6 is CARLOS CHING. :)


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