Santiago Restaurant, First South American Eatery in the Philippines

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Santiago Restaurantof South America is now located here in Cebu, the Philippines first and only food and beverage facility offering South American cuisine. Situated in Days Hotel, Lapu-Lapu City Cebu, Santiago will break its name in Cebu food scene.

CBSi Officers with Sir Ronaldo de Vera Peril, Cluster F & B Manager/Events Manager

Together with other Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Officers, author was able to fly in different South America countries through the help of Chef Romeo Olanda and the savour of his sample dishes:

We first tasted the present version of Manna, House Bread. It is composed of Chicama and Pupusa paired with corn or lettuce dip. This cost for PHP 45 only. This kind of bread gives you a tasteless sensation but when you dip it to either corn or lettuce, heaven is in your mouth. I personally consumed 3-4 servings of Chicama and a bite of Pupusa.

Next in line are the Appetizers which were served in different versions, Hot and Cold. Inspired by Sushi, Ceviche de ATun con Gengibre (Cold Appetizer) which in English term is Gingered Tuna is topped with Sesame Seeds and crumbled bacon. It is sweet but a little spicy when dipped in lime and soy sauce. This cost for PHP 150 per serving.

And now for the Hot Appetizer, Anticucho de Cordero (sounds familiar right?) was elegantly placed in my table. It is a Lamb’s meat inspired from Venezuela rubbed with curry and some spices. It is for PHP 260 only.

And for me, Meal is not complete if there is no Soup in the table. Same with the appetizers, I tasted first the Cold Soup with a wonderful name of Sopa de Manga. Inspired in Ecuador, this Mango soup is filled with the essence of Cilantro. It is really cold as if you are drinking their Mango shake in a cup. This cost for PHP 120 only.

For its hot version of Soup, Sopa de Choclo was served. Inspired from Peru, this pureed Corn Soup was cooked with coconut, cream and some spices. This soup tasted like “Binignit” in Cebuano and trust me, you will love and like this one. This cost less compared to Sopa de Manga, its for 90.00 only.

Finally, for the main course, Chuleta de Cerdo con Mojo de Ananas also known as Porkchop with pineapple Mojo. This is basically paired with dry curry rice. Juicy indeed and personally loved when its yellow corn is mixed with the meat with pineapple sauce. Num num! ^_^

After the tasting, everyone was excited for the dessert. And there went Trio Desserts which is basically composed of Tres Leches, Coco Flan and Passion Fruitmoss. In just PHP120, you can get these three in one serving.

Santiago Resto's mini Bar

Santiago Resto is hosting a Dinner Party on Saturday – July 2, let us see if the same impression and taste will be indulged in this South American Cuisine.

Tables and chairs at Santiago Resto

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