Deep Gold Movie Extracts Cebu’s Spots

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Focusing on Cinematography and the general story itself, Deep Gold movie offers more than a traditional indie film can give. (FC) was fortunate to be invited to the Red Carpet premiere last August 25, 2011 at Resorts World Mall in Pasay City. Together with other Big Foot delegates, FC landed at NAIA safely and arrived at the venue sleepily excited. Most of the attendees were foreigners, not much of the Media personnel and most were Big Foot contacts and acquaintances.

Philippine Red Carpet Premiere

The Red Carpet event started minutes before 9:00 in the evening. FC was excited to see if there were main casts attending but the expectation was a little bit too much. Local artists were spotted but not so sure of their names, lols. One good thing about the affair was FC met different personalities of Manila Bloggers and they were unbiasedly commenting the movie during the little talk – like, like, like!

Generally, dignitaries were treated very well – with those cocktail served and some marketing talk, they were surely welcomed. Oops, did FC mention that there were usherettes wearing GOLD outfits? They were truly eye catching!

The Movie

At the first place, FC was already informed that there is a 3D version of this movie but he was quite surprised when 3D glasses were displayed at the entrance of the cinema house – WOW! The Philippine Movie Premiere of Deep Gold was in 3D?! Plus ONE!

The excitement was felt again not just because of the 3D experience (which actually FC already living it normal basis at Imax SM City Cebu) but due to the hearsays that this Movie was amazingly catering Cebu’s Best like the famous South Road Reclamation Project or SRP roads, the Lighthouse of Lilo-an Cebu, the Marcelo-Fernan Bridge (connecting the two industrial Cities of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-lapu) and of course the outstanding beaches of Cebu. True to FC’s knowledge, the scene of a yacht in blue beach taken from above was cool! The car chasing moment in the SRP was not so-much breath taking but a “Round of Applause” will do. And hey, UP-VC’s building was amazingly featured during its Library fight scene.

A yacht scene which was not focused and maximized.

Sad to say, Bebe Pham who took the lead role was boring! She did not give life to her character. She was taken over by the outstanding performance of her Movie-sister Jaymee Ong and Laury Prudent who delivered their lines with heart and emotionally wised. But I noticed Bebe made pretty good stuffs too – like wearing two pieces in some scenes but not that solo shower take – that was unsexy! For the Antagonists part, it’s obviously clear that Earl Mullen showed the best action moves unlike the lead antagonist, Michael Gleissnerf, who shared the same level of emotions from the beginning until its end. Movie transitions are not that good but not that bad.

Disappointment started to crawl in the environment but since it is an indie film, let us get the strength from its production! Generally, FaceCebu cannot recommend watching this movie in 3D but if you love Cebu and you really do, Deep Gold is worth a try on August 31, 2011 at SM Cinemas near you.

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  1. good points. too bad this movie isn't a real movie for not focusing on the stuff they need to show.

    nevertheless, it's still good for the philippines because it uses some of our finest islands though i wish they did a better cinematography to it. -- jeman

  2. It would be great if you can share pictures during the red carpet. Is the movie only available on SM Cinemas?


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