Piring, A Child Pornography Play

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This season, Focus Productions and Services proudly bring to the stage “PIRING” (blindfold) - a reflective portrayal of one of the most controversial issues in our country and the world today - Child Pornography.
It shows the interplay of how poverty and parental influence greatly affect a child’s well-being. The play will be staged on December 4 (Sunday), 2011 at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of The Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino at 7:30 in the evening.

It is in this light that “PIRING” will hopefully serve as an eye-opener and move to propagate and wield a child’s basic and fundamental rights - the right to education, a healthy environment, and the right to live and to be loved.

“PIRING” is written and directed by Mr. Loyd Wilson Sato

The play is being officially endorsed by the following government officials and offices:

Honorable Governor Gwen Garcia
Honorable Vice Governor Agnes Magpale
Honorable Mayor Mike Rama
Honorable Vice Mayor Augustus Young
Honorable Councilor Lea Japson
Honorable Rodrigo Abellanossa
Honorable Alcoseba
Regional Office, Department of Education
Provincial Office, Department of Education
Cebu City, Department of Education
Mandaue City, Department of Education
Talisay City, Department of Education
His Eminence Jose Serofia Palma


The play starts with a video, shot in a “casa” depicting a 13-year old girl being ordered to strip naked in front of a computer and a web cam for profit. Deemed by the public and government as unlawful and inhumane, it will be raided by a group of policemen, taking all the abused children to a government facility for protection and refuge. Perlas is one of those children.

A rather affluent and posh engagement party will take place as the curtains open. Here we meet Anne, one of the main characters of the story. She is a licensed nurse and a graduate student mastering in Social Work...

Things are about to change as Perlas' and Anne's world will collide. As part of her thesis and under Dr. Lim’s supervision, Anne is tasked to observe and investigate Perla’s life. The first meeting won’t be as easy as Perlas resists opening up to Anne – finding it hard to understand Perlas’ predicament.

As the play unfolds the theme progresses to a battle between what is real and what is not. Anne will eventually be able to appreciate some things in her life, and will see the true purpose in pursuing Social Work while Perlas, on the other hand, will reveal not only her own story, but the stories of real people around her that are often untold, kept, covered.


Child pornography has been defined under federal statute as a visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexually explicit misconduct.

The crimes associated with child pornography are unthinkable.

Child pornography is produced, collected, and used by pedophiles mainly for their own sexual arousal and gratification. Photographs, videotapes, films, and magazines of children in sexual poses and sexual acts make up the world of child pornography. The children used for these purposes can range in age from a few months up to eighteen years old. Child pornographers and pedophiles come from all different walks life. Many of them have occupations that bring them into frequent contact with children. Often, these people hold respected positions in their community and have kept their interest in child pornography a secret.

The effects that child pornography has on children who fall as victims to it are devastating.

The depicted children are placed in harmful situations including the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, rape, assault, and both physical and mental torture. The pornography obtained at the child s expense causes a sense of shame, guilt, and fear. The fear usually prevents the child from telling somebody or asking for help. Chances are that these children who are harmed will never be able to lead a normal life. Their self esteem and self worth may be completely robbed, causing them to act out and become a burden to society themselves. A lot of these abused children will become abusers, first at force, but it will eventually become a way of life just as it was for their abuser.

A solution to end child pornography has not yet been reached, but changes have been made in the way that it is viewed and handled. There are strict laws against both producing and obtaining child pornography. Hopefully these are serving as a powerful deterrent, but nevertheless, the crimes have not stopped.


There is a clear need to strengthen our arms against the battle for Child Pornography. It is an alarming and serious worldwide problem. In 2009 alone, more than 200,000 reports of Internet-related child pornography were made to the domestic centers CyberTipline (http://www.cybertipline.org/). In addition, a recent study conducted found that one in five children between the ages of 10 and 17 have received unwanted sexual solicitations online. When it comes to putting those who possess or peddle child pornography behind bars, the state's batting average isn't particularly impressive.

Online child pornography, which involves the use of the Internet, video cameras and luring children to pose nude, is fast becoming a trend in the provinces and the rest of the country.
And here in Cebu, child pornography has become a known dark secret. The city and the provincial governments are yet to come up with concrete and long term solution to this. Child pornography seems to be just like any other petty crime so it gets less attention. Until the day comes that it causes major turmoil here in the city, legislation will never be enough.

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  1. who among you knows the characters of 'Piring' with its definition....please help me.

  2. who among you knows the characters of 'Piring' with its definition....please help me.


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