Hapuhap Wellness Spa offers service with extra care

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Extra care means real response for a real massage that every customers need. Hapuhap Wellness Spa which is located at the heart of the Queen City of the South, specifically at V.Rama Avenue - Englis Cebu City shows its followers a real wellness experience with its Hapuhap, a real gentle touch!

Do know you that having a massage can increase blood flow than a moderate exercise? Making it an extremely useful tool in building a healthy lifestyle. On some selected Massage theraphy, it can decrease blood pressure and heart rate, thus it is a recommended treatment for some cardiac and hypertensive patients. (src: dublin massage theraphy) These are just some advantages and benefits we can earn in getting a massage, and FaceCebu.net suggests to try Hapuhap Wellness Spa to gain more than a therapeutic experience installed in this massage market.

How about resting in a wooden seat while waiting for your turn? 
I remembered our old vacation house in our province - so relaxing!

Take a peek on their romantic-themed room, the room itself can destress you right away, woots!

Here are their offered rates and special packages

You may contact this massage center via:

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hapuhap-Wellness-Spa
Multiply: http://hapuhapwellnessspa.multiply.com
Telepone Number: (032) 417-4885

Furthermore, for easy access, here is a helpful sketch for you:

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