Queen of Cebu 2012, Candidates and Official Winners

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Nope, there is no Official Winners yet for Queen of Cebu 2012, pageant for Alternatives, but on November 9, 2012 (Friday), a new Queen will be hailed following the royal steps of Rain Villagonzalo (2009), Maki Eve Mercedez (2010) and Bee Urgello (2011)

UPDATES: Here are the official list of Queen winners with complete set of special awards.

Queen of Cebu Universe 2012 -Ms. Paraguay
Queen of Cebu Tourism 2012 - Ms. Honduras
Queen of Cebu International 2012 - Ms. Croatia
Queen of Cebu World 2012 - Ms. Portugal
Queen of Cebu Earth 2012 - Ms. Kazakhstan

Queen of Cebu Universe 2012 -Ms. Paraguay in her swimsuit attire

Queen of Cebu 2012 Top 10
Philippines, Paraguay, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Honduras, Costa Rica, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Chile

Miss Talent - Ms. Ivory Coast
2nd Runner up : Ms Bulgaria
1st Runner up: Miss Philippines

Miss Congeniality -  Ms Croatia
Miss Photogenic - Ms Ukraine
Miss Confidence Smile - Ms Ukraine
Miss Facebook Darling Award - Ms Kazakhstan
Miss Ralphs Wine and Spirit - - Ms Kazakhstan
Best "It" Figure - Miss Philippines
Best in National Festival Costume - Ms Paraguay
Best in Costume - Ms Paraguay
Best in Swimsuit - Ms Philippines
Best in Funwear - Ms Vietnam
Best in Evening Gown - Ms Paraguay

PS: Thanks to the host, Jude Bacalso for the invite, you guys rock! Congratulations to the organizers and winners.

Queen of Cebu 2011 Winners
 So, who are the official candidates for this year's Queen of Cebu? Check this out!

Before the pageant night, on October 6, 2012, a grand parade will be initiated from Fuente Rotunda to Mango Ave - Gorordo Ave (until JY Square) - Salinas Drive (until flyover Waterfront) - Juan Luna Ave (until Radisson) then left Ouano Ave for Amnezia Superclub. Then a Talent Night is offered at Amnezia Superclub. Ticket for the Talents Night is at Php. 50.00 and will be available on Friday, September 28, 2012. You can purchase your tickets thru your favorite candidate or thru Cary Santiago Atelier

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