Cebu Bloggers Society Inc Turns 5

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Before I was drafting this post, I tried to check my yahoomail account in which started it all. It was in yahoogroups which I founded the Cebu Bloggers Society last February 14, 2008. Eleven days after, two blogger friends, Mr. Jerry Gervacio and Kevin Ray Chua joined the not so known online community in Cebu. Days after days, many Cebu Bloggers were encouraged to join with one aim “to promote Cebu through Blogs”  and later on, we did it!

Mark Monta (CBSi Founder under tanom2000 id) founded the organization and then joined by two other Cebu Bloggers Kevin Ray Chua (Kevinray_chua) and Jerry Gervacio ( jggpowershift)

On February 14, 2013, Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. will be celebrating it’s 5th year anniversary. CBSi has always been the “first” in some online activities. Not to mention our very own Bloggers Social Responsibility program, World Bloggers Day every May 2, Visayas Blogging Summit (2011) , among others. CBSI was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2010.

In behalf of the organization, I am glad to have Harold’s Hotel and Smart Communication as our partners in this momentous affair with the theme “ACTNow”. This “Appreciation Night” will recognize members and partners who made significant contributions to the premier blogging organization in Cebu and I’m proud to have these 52 CBSi members in our list who are indeed becoming influential not just in social media sites but of course, in their respective niches.

From your founder, Congratulations CBSi, Let’s keep on rocking!

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