Greenwich Supports Cebu Bloggers with Orange Mag, launches Lasagna Supreme

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March 21, 2013 – Thursday, Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV finally met selected Cebu Bloggers at Greenwich Raintree Mall Branch. Together with other Nine Cebu Bloggers, FaceCebu.Net Author met and had a chit-chat session with The Jeman! We we’re glad , the leading pizza and pasta chain in the country, Greenwich was so hospitable and generous enough to cover our cravings for Pizza, Lasagna and our loved Pearl Coolers.

Greenwich Lasagna Supreme real presentation

Cebu Bloggers with Jeman and the power team of Greenwich

Another Vain Session with Cebu Bloggers

Miss Cookie and The Jeman of Orange Magazine TV

Wait, I won a Tee from Orange Magazine TV!!!!!

Shot before Eat?? Well, Bloggggerrrrs!

Are you a Greenwich Lovers too? Here are some  good news from a Pizza chain which always provide the best Lasagna eveeerrrrr!! (Press Release Below)

Celebrating Life’s “Best In” Moments with Greenwich Lasagna Supreme

The best moments in life are well remembered when shared with friends and loved ones. A successful client presentation, a rousing singing engagement, and an outstanding academic performance are just some of these “Best In” moments that deserve an equally best reward. And when these exciting things happen, Greenwich is always in the midst of the celebration to mark these achievements.

The leading pizza and pasta chain in the country once again proves that it never runs out of the most innovative products to satisfy every craving. The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme makes its way to Greenwich stores to delight the Filipino palate anew with its best tasting and best value offering in the market today.
Taking cue from other best-selling Greenwich original fares, the Lasagna Supreme is now loaded with even more mouth-watering goodness. One can hardly wait to dig in and savor this pasta perfection. 

Greenwich’s best-tasting pasta now has thicker noodles and chunkier meat sauce, complemented by three types of cheese and topped with a rich and creamy white sauce. Served with 1pc. Garlic Stix

And as if these weren’t enough, Greenwich takes this treat to the best it can be by making it a part of life’s everyday “Best In” moments. With all its richness, the Greenwich Lasagna Supreme is tagged at only P79 for its snack size and P99 for a full size.

With Greenwich’s premium product, gone are the days when indulging in this all-time favorite fare is only reserved for special occasions. The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme can make everyday a special day, and those “Best In” moments that often happen unexpectedly can often be celebrated with the entire barkada.

An Overload of Hawaiian Goodness

Filipinos really cannot get enough of the better-than-ever Greenwich pizza.  The Philippines’ favorite pizza chain in the country creates a better than ever pizza with the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload, another exclusive Greenwich offering to make pizza lovers crave for more.

“We have a great-tasting product and we want to share this with our customers,” shares Melo Cel Javelosa, Greenwich brand manager. She also adds, “The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza gives this popular flavor a new twist. As this is the favorite of Filipinos, Greenwich has made the Hawaiian pizza experience better than any other.”

It is no wonder that customers are in love with Greenwich’s pizza offering. What with its two kinds of cheese—Mozzarella and Cheddar, glazed pineapples, and two types of premium meat—ham and bacon. It does not even stop there, the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload also boasts of its crisp-on-the-outside-yet-soft-and-chewy-on-the-inside crust that is freshly made everyday in all Greenwich stores making pizza eating even more delightful.

This pizza innovation from Greenwich definitely satisfies Filipinos’ craving for an overload of Hawaiian pizza goodness. From the first bite down to the last, one can savor the blend of the juicy and sweet taste of glazed pineapples, the other delightful toppings, the perfect pizza sauce and the freshly made crust. It has the goodness no other Hawaiian pizzas have.
Enjoying pizza will never be the same with the Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Overload- better than any other.

Ultimate Special Overload Pizza Truly Better Than Any Other

Greenwich, the Philippines’ favorite pizza chain, goes over the top with a sumptuous pizza like no other. The Ultimate Special Overload Pizza exceeds expectations, and sets the benchmark on how a best-tasting and value-for-money pizza should be.

“Greenwich’s Ultimate Special Overload tops the list of Greenwich pizzas,” says Lulu De Castro, Greenwich Senior Marketing Manager. “It has practically everything any pizza lover can ask for.”

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Special Overload Pizza takes one to an all-new gastronomic journey. It prides itself as the most loaded pizza in the market today, giving pizza lovers the ultimate fix that spells richness down to the last bite.

Setting the Ultimate Special Overload Pizza apart are the 13 mouth-watering toppings loaded to perfection. The lip-smacking experience begins with sumptuous slices of beef, bacon, pepperoni and salami. Complementing the overload of meaty goodness is a sprinkle of fresh veggies which includes mushroom, olives, red and green bell pepper, onion and minced garlic.

Chunks of glazed pineapple add a dash of sweetness while a generous serving of mozzarella and cheddar cheese provides a truly appetizing finish. All these are served on hot, freshly made crust that’s crisp on the outside yet soft and chewy on the inside.

Filling and priced reasonably, Greenwich Ultimate Special Overload Pizza is the ideal centerpiece in fun barkada gatherings. Each slice is enough to satisfy one’s pizza craving and still more for sharing. With all it’s goodness, it does not come as a surprise that Greenwich’s Ultimate Special Overload Pizza is 3x preferred by Filipino pizza lovers than any other pizza brands in the market today.

“The Ultimate Special Overload Pizza gives pizza fans a strong reason to love Greenwich,” enthuses De Castro. “It appeals to the Filipino taste buds and at the same time it is also a sumptuous treat for the whole barkada with its unparalleled overloaded and mouth-watering toppings.”

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