Kadaugan Sa Mactan Street Party Highlights Rampada, Posts Schedule of Activities

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Kadaugan Sa Mactan, a yearly celebration of Lapu-Lapu’s greatness and victory in the beautiful island of Mactan won’t be complete without the famous Kadaugan Street Party or KSP. KSP is on it’s 3rd year on April 26 - 27and will highlight different kind of activities such as the  renowned RAMPADA, a fancy street dance parade that highlights as take-off celebration of Kadaugan sa Mactan, coined from two Cebuano words “rampa” (ramp) and “ karsada “ ( street ). It showcases a mix wild street dance and kaleidoscope of costumes epitomized by Datu and Hara expressing the merry sentiments of the modern native islanders of Mactan. It is the Victory Party Celebration of Datu Lapu-Lapu’s won battle against the foreign aggressor Ferdinand Magellan.  It is celebrated every last Saturday of April prior to or after the re-enactment of the Kadaugan Sa Mactan.

Aside from the RAMPADA, this year’s KSP levels up  as they offer different kind of entertainment like Cosplay Contest, Live Bands, Gourment Walk by Mactan Island Resorts, Fireworks Show, Car Show, Food stalls, Selling Booths and a lot more which will surely satisfy every Cebuanos and foreigners who will join the event.  Here are some of the highlights and contests:

Bulakna Pageant – April 26 (Friday)

1st Prize – Php 20,000
2nd Prize – to be announced
3rd Prize -  to be announced

Higante Contest – April 26 (Friday)

1st Prize – Php 50,000
2nd Prize – Php 35,000
3rd Prize -  Php 20,000
4th  Prize -  Php 15,000
5th  Prize -  Php 10,000
6th  Prize -  Php 5,000
7th  Prize -  Php 5,000
8th  Prize -  Php 5,000
9th  Prize -  Php 5,000
10th  Prize -  Php 5,000

RAMPADA – April 27 (Saturday)

Open Division
1st Prize – Php 200,000
2nd Prize – Php 150,000
3rd Prize -  Php 100,000

Barangay Division
1st Prize – Php 150,000
2nd Prize – Php 100,000
3rd Prize -  Php 75,000

Here are some photos taken during Rampada 2012


DATE/DAY                           ACTIVITY/LOCATION              CONTACT PERSON/S
            April 15, 2013                       Deadline of Submission of Entries

April    16, 2013 - Friday      Press Conference                           Hon. Harry Radaza
                        12:00Noon                Max Fried Chicken SM                   Organizers

April 16, 2013 – Tuesday    Reyna Bulakna Rehearsals          March Mandal
                        7:00 P.M.                   City Hall Grounds                            Ma.Elena Berame

            April 18, 2013 – Thursday  Reyna Bulakna Pictorials              Ricky Monterona
                                                                                                                        March Mandal
                                                                                                                        Ma. Elena Berame

            April 23-24, 2013                  Rampada General                           March Mandal
 Tuesday & Wed                   Rehearsals                                       Ma. Elena D. Berame

April 26, 2013 – Friday        Kadaugan Street Party Day 1        Hon. Harry Radaza
7:00 A.M                                Closure of the M.L. Quezon          
                                                Road fronting City Hall
8:00 AM                                 Ingress
                                                (Putting –up stage, tents, etc.)
4:00 PM                                 (Start Photography Contest)          Ricky Monterona
                                                                                                            EJ Negre

5:00 PM                                 Sundown Beer Run                                    Hon. Harry Radaza
6:00 PM                                 Cosplay Contest                              Sam Catajoy
                                                (Stage 1 – near 2nd Bridge)
7:00 PM                                 Higante Contest                               Hon. Nicole Balao

7:30- 10:00 PM                     Reyna Bulakna                                March Mandal
                                                (360 Stage in front of City Hall)     Elena Berame

9:00PM-3:00AM                   Live Band Concerts                         Andy Berame

April 27, 2013-Saturday      Kadaugan Street Party Day 2        Hon. Harry Radaza
7:00-10:00PM                       RAMPADA Street Dancing                        March Mandal
                                                & Judging                                          Elena Berame

10:00-3:00AM                       Live Band Concerts                         Andy Berame
                                                Street Party @diff. stages

And with these events, Admission is FREE! Don’t miss it and should you have further inquiries, contact the official Marketing Agency, ASAP Advertising, Inc at 232-8519

Know more about Kadaugan Sa Mactan 2013
Kadaugan Sa Mactan Schedule of Activities and Traffic Advisory

Rampada 2012 Photos Credit to: lapulaputourism.com

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