Dong Juan Opens At Calyx, Introduces New Dish

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July 15, 2013 - Monday, Dong Juan, Cebu's pride restaurant, opened it's newest branch at Calyx Building, situated at the Cebu IT Park. This branch is the fourth to open this year and 18th all over the country. No wonder, Dong Juan stays the number one favorite hangout for diners and loyal patrons. During the launch, Miss Aubrey Borja, Dong Juan Owner, revealed some secrets of Dong Juan's success, focusing on their spices, herbs and of course the ingredients mostly sourced from abroad, mainly Europe.

Dong Juan's Official Logo

"Good Food for Every Dodong", became the mantra that fermented the concept of the restaurant, that is, Dong Juan. From its simple burger and pizza center in a quiet Cebu City neighborhood, Dong Juan sprouted in different branches that maintain consistent flavor and quality food and service standard. "To give Cebuanos something special", Miss Aubrey Borja added as she was presenting signature dishes of Dong Juan like Cheese Burger, French Fries, Dong Juan's Gambas Al Ajillo and of course, the much loved biscuit pizzas. The burgers which remain as the bestsellers are made from whole wheat bun, fresh vegetables and big, juicy over a quarter-pound 100% USDA pure beef patty. On the other hand, their signature biscuit pizza is an old recipe for bread inherited from previous generations that have been worked to a new formula blended with the delightful nostalgic flavors from the fond childhood memories of the Dong Juan's founders.

Dong Juan Cheese Burger

Dong Juan Gambas Al Ajillo

Calamansi Blush with Strawberry

Aside from the grand opening, Dong Juan introduced to cebu Media and Bloggers their newly added dish, the Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Chilli paste and grapeseed oil. Personally, it was good, not that catchy dish but with some sesame seeds, I think it gives or adds flavor to its taste. By the way, it's not that hot, so it's Chilli paste is just ordinary.

Stirred Calamansi Blush with Strawberry

Deep Fried Chicken Wings in Chilli Paste and grapeseed oil

In the coming month or two, Barney Borja, Aubrey's husband, revealed that new dishes and updates are soon to roll-out to all Dong Juan restaurants all over the country. Customers should expect more great things to come for Dong Juan before the end of the year.

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