Apo Island: Tips, Expenses and Frequently Asked Questions

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Apo Island is a volcanic island at Dauin Municipality within Negros Oriental of Central Visayas. The name "Apo" was derived from the a Filipino word which literally means, "Grandchild" (Wikipedia). Personally, we love the Island's clear beach water, those amazing rock formations, coral reefs, and most of all, those turtles which are swimming freely within the seashore.

FaceCebu Author visits and travels to Apo Island

Apo Island from Nike360 on Vimeo.

Now, here are some highlights and frequently asked questions about Apo Island Tour.

Seashore of Malatapay while waiting for our boat
Bloggers waiting for this motorized boat. [LEFT to RIGHT] Jeemah Villaverde, Marco Diala of lamikaayo.com , Rabsin dela Cruz of finlust blog, Precious and FaceCebu.Net Author
Sailing to Apo Island
A nice view of Negros Oriental
Here we are!!!

How to go to Apo Island?

  • If you are from Cebu, you can take Ceres bus trip from South Bus terminal going to Liloan, Santander Port.
  • From liloan Santander Port, ride a fast craft going to Sibulan.
  • Ride a Jeep going to Malatapay in Zamboanguita. ( Trivia, every Wednesday, Malatapay hold a Market Fiesta in which every products of neighborhood are being sold and this become their tourist attraction/highilight)
  • Walk from Malatapay Highway until you reach the shore or the receiving area for all tourists who will take a ride/boat going to Apo Island.
  • Ride of motorized Banca costs PHP 3,000 for six people ( this rate is a two-way trip already, boatmen will wait for you until afternoon or specified time ) Travel duration is 30-40 minutes.

Look at this clear water!!!

Expenses while staying at the Island.

  • Registration Fee For Locals, 25 Pesos each person | For Tourists, 100 Pesos each person
  • Required Life Jacket for 100 Pesos
  • Optional Snorkel Gadget for 100 Pesos
  • Optional Snorkeling shoes for 100 Pesos
  • Snokerling assistance's service fee for 300 Pesos.

Oh, Hello there beautiful Apo Island

You can request locals to do the cooking with below expenses:
  • Cooking service for 75 Pesos each person (not for each dish)
  • Dish Cost depends on what dish to cook ( eg. Fried Checkin, 162 per kilo )
  • Spices ( in our case, it's 55 Pesos)
  • Soft Drinks ( in our case, 1.5 liter of Coke is 55 Pesos, 1 liter drinking water is 25 pesos )
  • Table Charge for 100 Pesos.


  • Make sure to bring your own foods.
  • If you have baon (foods) , you just need to eat at the rented motorized boats (no need to rent for table)
  • Do not rent for other optional stuff mentioned above
  • IMPORTANT: Do not touch the turtle during the viewing ( you will be charged with PHP 500 fine)
  • If you have spare hour, visit the island's tip where you can see the Lighthouse
  • Enjoy the Coral viewing activity

Starting that 300-steps on our way to the Lighthouse
up to the tip, lighthouse
If you have further inquiries, drop comments below and we will respond as much as we can.

PHOTOS credit to lamikaayo.com , fiinlust.blogspot.com

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