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Desserts have been the much-love part of a Meal. Nowadays, different style and kind of Desserts sprang in Cebu. There are cakes and pastries inside a jar, sometimes it has cupcakes and brownies and fresh Fruits but lately, we just tried a Sweet treat from Taken By Jars. As they started their operation last December 2014, Taken By Jars is dedicated to offer a different kind of Sweets from their Chocollection and Classic Flavors. 

Taken By Jars Classic Flavors includes Oh Oreo! , Very Strawberry, True Blueberry and Into the Blackforest. While Chocollection Flavors have Super Maltesers, Snicker Fever, More S’mores and Ooh lala, Nutella. These flavors come in different sizes - 4, 8 and 10 Oz. These Desserts can be enjoyed until 5-7 days when refrigerated.

Very Strawberry

Oh Oreo!
Into the Blackforest


For orders, here are the information needed:

Minimum quantity: 2 jars/order, no minimum for The Chocollection
Lead time: 3 days
Delivery: Pickup at our place in Banawa or Scheduled meetups only, agreed between the owner and buyer.

Contact details:
Mobile: 0922 398 2709
Facebook: /takenbyjars
Twitter/Instagram: @takenbyjars

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