Smart's #NoCashOut Encourages iPhone Users To Share Saved Money To Charity

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A famous Social Media post goes like "iPon muna bago iPhone (Savings first before getting an iPhone)" but what if we can do both?

Christmas Season is definitely the best time of the year. Only on this season, you can witness the  glittering bright lights everywhere, decorated trees and ornaments that are proudly displayed in Parks and Malls. Also, this is the only Holiday that you're eager to hear children caroling with drums and “tansan tambourine” and singing joyful Christmas Songs in the neighborhood and inside the Church. The best part of this celebration is how people show generosity and love to each other; to officemates and workmates, to families, relatives and to friends and most especially to strangers. The time of sharing on this Yuletide season is truly in the air!
Our adopted Street Children who enjoyed their fried Chicken and Spaghetti
I couldn't help but smile with these poor children, their stories were cute and adorable!

When I saw and read some Social Media posts that Smart is offering a "No Cash Out" to new iPhone’s units (6s and 6s Plus), I got excited to learn more about this news! Not because I will grab this latest iPhone model for free but the idea of saving as much as PHP 6,000 is a different feeling of satisfaction. I remember Christmas of 2013, together with other Best Cebu Blogs Awards organizers and volunteer Bloggers, we fed a number of Street Children in Mandaue City. Seeing those innocent eyes smiling while eating good foods while we’re listening to their random stories would fill your hearts with contentment and happiness. How about receiving those sweet "Thank Yous"? that's a joy in heaven here on earth that cannot be replaced by any costs. And how much we spent for that short moments? If I remember right, we only shared more or less PHP 2,000. With this good news from Smart, imagine how many homeless children we can feed and share our Christmas blessings?

Those smiles! Priceless, right?!

They say "only poor people understand poor people" but even if you're part of the high class of our Society, I think this is a good chance for you to show that you have the heart and that you care. I suggest not to cash out an iPhone but grab this opportunity by SMART. You can save at least PHP 6,000 for iPhone 6s (Plan 2000) and PHP 4,000 for iPhone 6s Plus (Plan 2499). With this saved money, what's your idea of a perfect Christmas then?

Be an intelligent spender, Merry Christmas Folks!

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