A Christmas Vacation In Surigao Del Sur

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They said they need a Vacation to escape life but less they know vacation gives us life, introduces us to life and most importantly, refreshes us to be more ready for the next battle of life. So, as our yearly routine every December, my officemates and I go to Local destinations as we unleash some work stress - last weekend, we enjoyed a very wavy Christmas break at Surigao Del Sur.

DAY 1 at Florland Resort in Bislig

We landed in Tandag Airport just after lunch because we had a delayed flight and we did not complain since our purchased tickets were in promo. Those feelings of excitement and fear filled me as we were heading to our temporary home for a night. But those Natural scenes near the highway vanished those weird feelings combinations. We stayed at Florland Resort which is situated in Bislig City. It's not a super nice Resort but they offer cheap accommodations plus a free breakfast while feeling the fresh air in the morning breeze.

FaceCebu.Net Blogger with Britania Islets as background LOL

For inquiries, you can contact the resort via Facebook, www.facebook.com/FlorlandResort

Day 2 at "I Love Bislig" spot, Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River

Woke up early as our call time was 6 in the morning. Our Van service came late at 7 but it was okay as we were in vacation and we need not to be stressed. On our way to our first destination, Tinuy-an Falls, we saw the famous huge letters "I Love Bislig" Spot in their park. We decided to jump out and took some photos. Of course, nobody won't believe that we visited Surigao Del Sur if we didn't get some click from our Cameras. After that, we then headed directly to Bislig's pride, Tinuy-an Falls which is located at Barangay Borboanan. For me, this attraction is the very must-visit spot in the province. This waterfalls is wide as it spans at 95 meters wide. Unlike other waterfalls, this wide "curtain-like" Tinuy-an Falls has big green trees in its surroundings which made her very appealing to the eyes. You will surely fall in love with Tinuy-an.

Next stop was Hinatuan's Enchanted River. Why Enchanted? The river is very clear with its Blue-green color that flows to the Pacific Ocean. It was named as Enchanted River after diplomat Modesto Farolan described the said river as "Rio Encantado". In addition, locals said fairies and mermaids touch the river with their power those making its color echanted. Anyhow, during that visit, I was not impressed. The clear and color qualities of the river are still there, it's just during weekends, the place is overcrowded and for me, it distruct the beauty of the river.

Hinatuan Enchanted River

To end Day 2, we stayed at Mac Arthur's Place which can also offer Island Hopping to at least Four Britania Islets.

Day 3 at Britania Islands

For PHP 1,500 (15 persons), you can visit Britania islets via Pumpboat. Last weekend, we were lucky to play with Sands under the heat of the Sun in three Britania Islets namely Hagonoy Islet, Buslon Islet and Hiyor-Hiyoran Islet. The sands are not that fine but it's the collection of the islets from afar that will mesmerize you and will turn on your adrenaline for some water adventures. Among the three mentioned islets, I definitely love Hagonoy since it looks like an island that made up of white sands, you could not see any rocks above it and those minimal  number of Coconut Trees look like an intentional landscaped masterpiece.

View from afar of Hagonoy Islet, part of Britania Isslets

Wave shot in Hagonoy Islet

Buslon Islet, part of Britania Islets

Buslon Islet, part of Britania Islets

White Sand bar of Buslon Islet, part of Britania Islets
Hiyor-Hiyoran Islet, part of Britania Islets

Hiyor-Hiyoran Islet, part of Britania Islets

Britania Islets

After that 2-3 hours Islets hopping, we set ourselves to our last home, Lizvil Beach Resort, Cagwait. The place is not that good as they only offer dormitory-type of lodging but the bright thing is, the place is beach front and I mean it's in the middle of wide white sands beach with amazing waves good for surfing.

Panorama shot of Cagwait Beach Front

A video posted by Mark Monta (@mmonta) on

A view of Surigao Del Sur

All photos are taken by ASUS Zenfone 2 laser 5.0. A complete review soon to be posted here in the blog. 

Here's a video compilation by my officemate and Blogger, Moon Ray Lo of travelerscouch.blogspot.com

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