Gibbs' Hot Wings To Open 3rd Branch in Robinsons Galleria

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It was a hot and cold Saturday weekend! HOT!- As we were treated with Cebu's best Chicken Wings while enjoying the COLD night as it rained outside. So, we heard and confirmed from Mr. Coy Oliva himself, the owner and manager of Gibbs' Hot Wings, that the said Cebu Chicken Wings Hub is opening its third Branch in Robinsons Galleria Cebu at the end of September this year! Yes, Gibbs' Hot Wings is expanding to the South from Sto. Nino Village and Streetscape as its first and Second Branches respectively.

Gibbs' Hickory Mustard Wings

Gibbs' Alfresco area

So what's new with Gibbs'? Here's are some news and updates for you!

New Addition To Menu!
Gibbs' Hot Wings just recently added new dishes on their hot menu!

Gibbs' Cajun Wings

Gibbs' Angel Wings

Gibbs' Hickory Mustard Wings

Accoustic Wednesday
Of course! A midweek with your friends while enjoying Chicken Hot Wings and taking some booze at Gibbs' won't be complete without Music. And we mean, cool and chill Music, yes Acoustic it is! Every Wednesday, Gibbs' offers free Acoustic Concert with Anton and Glainess every 8 to 10 in the evening.

Thursday Unlimited!
Aha! Did you know that you can fight hot and spicy feels in your tongue by taking in sweet or sugary liquids? The sugar absorbs the spicy oil and will provide a different taste, thus your mouth will be neutralized. And every Thursday, Gibbs' offer unlimited pitcher of Ice Tea. Very good enough to help your mouth in cooling down after enjoying their level 3 to 5 of Chicken Wings! Aha!

Gibbs' Gelato, Spicy Straciatella

Delivery Via Zomato
Gibbs' Hot Wings has partnerted with Zomato, a community of Food Lovers all over the World who share their reviews and photos of the foods they tasted. Luckily, we can now order some wings and let it fly by contacting Zomato Cebu using mobile +63 2904 8965

A preview of Gibbs' 2nd floor in Streetscape branch


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Mobile: +63 922-642-4888

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