Timex Art Club Offers Various and Artistic Services

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Last weekend, a group of talented Timex Philippines Employees attracted a number of Students, Visitors and Tourists in Fort San Pedro, Cebu City as they held their creative Outing with a colorful activity. With it's Mission of creating and developing an informative, productive and fun form of arts, Timex Art Club (TAC) decided to hold a unique event outside the Company via a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) affairs. TAC chose to show to the public how Art should be done by painting their Sneakers and Denims with their fave designs such as floral, tribal, cartoon characters or let it be inspired to the latest craze mobile game, Pokemon Go.

My Pokemon-inspired DIY Sneakers

Members of Timex Art Club in Fort San Pedro
A creative shot of talented artists' feet

The Artists of Timex Art Club
During the busy DIY Sneakers session,

And the ladies are busy with their Denim Designing and painting,

TAC wishes to become a service provider of arts, artists and artworks in Timex and of course, to the clients outside the company. This year, TAC initiated a productive class on Balloons for Valentine's Day and some Kids activities during Summer such as Drawing and Coloring, Watercolor Calligraphy and basic photography. Other services they offer are the following:

Decorative Arts:
    Balloon Twisting
    Paper Flowers
    Table Setting
    Paper Quilling 
Cookie Painting
Art Class

Of course, photoshoot sessions for our output,

The Boys flying with their newly designed sneakers

Hello Ladies! Check their newly designed Denim and Sneakers! Nice!

We're not prepared!


Timex Philippines has been a good example in Employee relations as they encourage all Employees to participate in certain clubs organized by Human Resources either physical, mental and most importantly, spiritual.

Timex Art Club Information and Contact Details:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TimexArtClub
Email Contact: icanoy@timex.com and look for Apple Canoy

And here are some special photos for FaceCebu's DIY Pokemon-inspired sneakers, 

FIRST: take a pic of your beloved white and flawless sneakers. Kbye!

SECOND: In the logo part, paint it wholly with white tulco paint as this will serve as your pokemon ball. Then let it dry.
THIRD: paint a design like above. Let it dry

FOURTH: Red Paint all over except from the ankle part. Let it dry

Finished product

TOP-BOTTOM: FaceCebu Author with his Pokemon-inspired sneakers.

*** Photos with no label are owned by Timex Art Club Photographer Elmer Earl Aguilar

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