DETAILS: Island Hopping in Isla Gigantes or Isla De Gigantes (Gigantes Islands)

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In this "Social Media" Era, instant fame is so easy just like instant coffee. That's why if you're a backpacking or travel enthusiasts, with just a beautifully edited photo of a certain place, you'll be then eager to visit it. Even though a picture paints a thousand words, sometimes the picture does not look very good in person which fails your expectations but trust FaceCebu this time, Isla Gigantes or Isla De Gigantes is indeed stunning and beautiful which will exceed your anticipations. So what is the major activity in this famous island of Iloilo province? Island Hopping is the answer!

Timex Gang in famous Cabugao Islet

Isla Gigantes Contact Details:

For Accomodation, contact MJ's Beach Inn via 09989816812 and look for Paul
For Island Hopping and Tour: Contact Gigantes island Tours and Services
Facebook Page:
Contact Number: 09157595000
For Van Services (Iloilo City to Port/Vice Versa) : Contact Alog via 09103105624

1. Isla Gigantes North for Farola de Sibulac-Babac  (Lighthouse)

2. Chill in Galancia Sand Seashore

3. The Best Gigantes, Antonia Islet

4. Amazing Pulupandan Islet

5. Jacket-Jacket White Sand Islet

6. Famous Cabugao Gamay Islet Top View


7. Long stretch of White Sand by Bantigue Islet

8. Such white sand at Puting Baybay Islet

Here are some additional stops and spots:
1. Isla Gigantes Sunset

2. Saltwater Lagoon (Tanke), Isla de Gigantes Sur (which is not available for entry)

This is how it looks outside.

This is how it looks inside
How To Travel to Isla Gigantes From Cebu? (Recommended Guide)
1. From your fave Airlines, get a trip from Cebu to Iloilo International Airport
2. From the Airport, you may:
   a. Take a Van to SM City Cebu
   b. Take a Taxi to Tagbak Terminal
3. If you choose option "a" above, then you may:
   a. take a jeepney bound to Leganes and drop to Tagbak Terminal
   b. take a taxi to Tagbak Terminal
4. From Tagbak Terminal, get a bus bound to Estancia. 4 Hours Travel Time. PHP 185-200 fare.
5. Take a tricycle from Estancia Ceres Terminal to Estancia Feeder Port.
6. Public Boat is available in the port going to Isla Gigantes

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  1. wow! Amazing photos Mark.
    Isla Gigantes is so surreal.
    Useful tips too.



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