Make Your Father Happy!

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In some other parts of the globe, Father's Day is just another ordinary day to live. But for me it's not! Do you remember Anne Geddes's famous quotes? It says "Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad." Indeed, Father's Day is for special Daddies all around the world but as a son or a daughter, do you know how to make your father happy?

Father's Day 2017
Father's Day 2017

Aside from giving your "Dada" headaches, show them good deeds everyday. Do your household chores, be very good at school, take care of your brothers and sisters but here's a personal recommendation for you - why not surprise your Father with some personalized special stuff? Every year, I always make sure there's special dishes for Father's Day dinner. I won't forget that my Father's favorite is Fruit Salad. So, my mother and I made sure to make it special for him. But this year, I was thinking of giving him something that he cannot forget for the rest of his amazing life.

customized cafetiere for Daddy
customized cafetiere for Daddy
As your father's son or daughter, you should know what are those special things that he keeps for life. How about those Timex wristwatches that he used to hide inside his closet? Do you remember those action or mystery/thriller books he put cleanly in the cabinet? When you were young, you used to mess with those books and Dada gave you that angry-cute stare? Yes! Those kind of things are your father special stuff! So what's the plan? Surprise him with a personalized watch box or maybe give him a customized cafetiere for his morning brewed Starbucks Coffee!

Personalized Watch Box for Dada
Personalized Watch Box for Dada!

In this social media era, Millennials can actually deliver amazingly in just one click. So, give Daddy extraordinary surprise, Gifts Less Ordinary! I assure you, your father will be very much proud of you!

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