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In the past few days, I used to expect Connecticut as another countryside state of the United States. I thought it's just famous because of Yale University. Actually, it was not a bad impression but it's more on a nice first mental picture I had since I'm a traveler who is into trekking and camping especially on a bright Summer season. But when I started browsing places to visit when in Connecticut, a different level of interest climb into my brain. Then I get excited about my Business Travel at Timex Watches' Headquarter!

Timex Waterbury Classic Chronograph 40mm Leather Strap
Showing my favorite Waterbury Classic Chronograph 40mm Leather Strap Watch from TIMEX

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I arrived in the United States on the 15th of July for a two-week stay. I'm one of the lucky Timex employees from the Philippines who got the chance to fly in the Dream Country and experience their style of living and of course, attend a series of business meetings and workshops. From John F. Kennedy International Airport, I rode a Limousine which was booked by the company going to Waterbury. I am staying in Courtyard by Marriott Waterbury Downtown. The place is very nice and clean - I'm loving my huge Suite Room! Check out the link for a short tour uploaded in Instagram IGTV.

Timex Middlebury United States of America
This is one of the best and most pleasing offices I've visited
Lucky is indeed within me so far! I met my old friend, Eunice from Timex Philippines who are already living in the State with his husband who happened to be a good buddy in Timex. She is already a mom and she's running a blog called WANDERFUL DAYS OF A GIRL WHO LOVES LIFE. She's a good toastmaster member that's why you need a dictionary when you read her blog. Kidding aside, this Mom Blogger helped me a lot in my stay in Connecticut. Now, I'm excited to share the places we've been so far during off-office hours in this beautiful state of Connecticut.


Red Corner Restaurant Waterbury
With my friend, Eunice and her family
Red Corner Restaurant Waterbury
This masterpiece is deserving for a spot here in my blog!
My first day was welcomed with a great Japanese eats in Red Corner in which the best Sushi is being served. After such gastronomic lunch, we headed to Costco which I purchased a large item of Chicken Breast and 2 dozens of eggs for my weekly consumption in the Hotel. And of course, the afternoon won't end without a caffeine fix in Cheshire Coffeeshop - I love their Brewed coffee btw.

Cheshire Coffeeshop Waterbury Connecticut
Spending a summertime with my Cheshire Brewed Coffee


Special highlights are--- I was able to meet the amazing people behind our E-Commerce Team in Timex Headquarters. Of course, I got a tour around the Timex Premises with our very own E-Com Director, isn't it a lucky start of the week?

Timex Middlebury United States of America
Look! I feel like I'm in an International Aiport. This feels!


And of course, I met another Pinoy who is working here, her name is Joy of Finance Department. She showed me around most especially the Nature-spots of the Office. Walking and Jogging are a thing here in the headquarter - very nice!

Timex United States of America Office
Woodhedge in Timex Headquarter!


Rich Farm Ice Cream

A normal workday for everyone. After 5PM, Eunice and her hubby invited me for an ice cream treat at Rich Farm Ice Cream - a very famous shop when in Connecticut. And if you are a first-timer, please try their Razzmanian Devil, two scoops in a waffle cone. This kind of ice cream is made up of Vanilla with red raspberry sauce and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chunks!

Rich Farm Ice Cream
Say hello to my Razzmanian Devil!

Address: 691 Oxford Rd, Oxford, CT 06478
Phone: (203) 881-1040
Email: kelly@richfarmicecream.com
Social Media:
instagram: richfarm
facebook: Rich-Farm-Ice-Cream-Shop-115457481808901
twitter: RichFarmCT
Site: http://richfarmicecream.com/

Rich Farm Ice Cream Connecticut United States America

Rich Farm Ice Cream Connecticut United States America

Rich Farm Ice Cream
The cute baby couldn't take her eyes of my ice cream. Sorry baby, this is mine!
After that sweet treat, we then headed to the not so famous Southford Falls State Park. It is a public recreation area good for walking, jogging and even fishing. This is situated in the towns of Oxford and Southbury, Connecticut. You should get a selfie at the scary yet instagrammable covered bridge down the Falls. I love this Park!

Southford Falls State Park Connecticut United Sates of America
Panorama of Southford Falls State Park

Southford Falls State Park Connecticut United Sates of America
Scary covered bridge in Southford Falls State Park!


This day was very nice! All of our team including our Director had a nice beer and eats in Maggie McFly's in Middlebury! We talked a lot of stuff and sharing cultural stories from the UK to the Philippines and here in the countryside of Connecticut. And oh, I got that Harpoon IPA Beer - it was slightly sweet with a little kick. LOL

Harpoon IPA Beer


Thank God It's Friday! I decided to roam around the area of Waterbury Courtyard. Check out below:

1. Waterbury Union Station - This is the most historic building in Waterbury. It is located on Meadow Street in the city of Waterbury, Connecticut, United States. It is a brick building dating to the first decade of the 20th century. Its tall clock tower, built by the Seth Thomas Company, is the city's most prominent landmark. Designed by the New York City architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, it handled 66 passenger trains a day at its peak. (Wikipedia)

Waterbury Union Station Connecticut United States

2. St. Anne's Church - This Gothic-Style Church in Waterbury was organized in 1886 to serve the city’s French and French-Canadian Catholics. The parish’s first church was built in 1888-1889 on Dover Street. (historicbuildingsct.com)

St. Anne Church Waterbury Connecticut United States America

3. Waterbury Court House/Building

Waterbury Court House Connecticut United States America

4. Our Lady of Lourdes Church - This small Church is just a block away from the Courtyard Hotel.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church Waterbury Connecticut United States America

Our Lady of Lourdes Church Waterbury Connecticut United States America

Of course, after that quick roaming, Joy and I headed to Brass Mill Center to buy some personal stuff. The Place is huge.


This day was dubbed as my free-kind of a day!

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

First couple hours in the morning, Joy and I headed to Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets for some windows shopping and of course, check out some amazing clearance sale in almost all stores.

Yale University Connecticut United States America
Mickey was in Yale!
After that tiring yet fulfilling product browsing, we then visited the famous YALE University. The University belt is huge! It's like you're into Hogwarts University where Harry Potter was studying his witchcraft and wizardry. The buildings are old yet elegant. The visually striking structures were designed by famed architect Eero Saarinen who was also known for designing the St. Louis Arch in 1934 and built 25 years later.

Yale University Connecticut United States America

Yale University Connecticut United States America

Then we had a full dinner in Mr. Wok Chinese Buffet in Waterbury. I love their seafood menu here! Their Shrimp dishes won't fail - I tell you!

Mr. Wok Chinese Buffet in Waterbury


This was the BIG Day for me! And because of that, I'm doing a separate article for my Walking Tour Adventure in New York.

9-11th DAY

Monday is always Monday. It's all about work and of course, workout after office. Yes, our Hotel has  a gym in the ground floor. It is really good. Anyways, take a look of this first timer here. LOL

Timex United States of America Office
Sorry, if you're a first timer in the headquarter then one picture with yourself and this UFO-type building in the background won't hurt. LOL


My twelfth day in the office is tagged as GIFTS kind of day! So, to start, I received a tasteful pasta from Eunice - she cooks really good! Then all I thought it was all it but her hubby and her cute family got me a farewell gift! Yes, a brand new SoundPeats Q12 wireless headphones! It's like, I've been dreaming to own one but finally, they read my mind!

SoundPeats Q12 wireless headphones-united-states-america
See! So cute message from Mittal's family!

SoundPeats Q12 wireless headphones-united-states-america
I opened it and currently charging the headset. Excited to use it my friends!
Then in the afternoon, a package came in the office. It's what I was thinking of! A brand new Timex Fairfield Chronograph Supernova™ 41mm Leather Strap Watch from my very good manager, Denise! Halleluhiah! LOL

Timex Fairfield Chronograph Supernova™ 41mm Leather Strap Watch
Timex Fairfield Chronograph Supernova™ 41mm Leather Strap Watch


This day was crazy! My officemate and good friend Nathan treated me with various kinds of BEER at Black Hog! And yes, when you heard BEER, this place becomes your favorite destination! LOL

Me and Nathan at Black Hog Brewery

Black Hog Brewing is located in Oxford, Connecticut and they got a lot of Beer varieties such as my favorite Granola and Chocolate Milk Beer. And oh, if you want a refreshing type, you should try Cucumber or Fruity Beer. Check out their website to find more details.



My last day at Timex Middlebury office and it went well. Just prepared my documents for travel tomorrow and decided to go for the last minute shopping with Joy and some farewell dinner. I will surely be back the United States!

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