My NEW YORK STORY, Walking Tour in Big Apple!

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It was gloomy outside when I took a peek at the Hotel's window. I thought that would be an uncool kind of day for visiting New York. I thought it was a bad decision to visit the Big Apple on a Sunday without even checking out the weather forecast prior ahead. It was my weekend off from work at Timex Middlebury and I thought a good walking tour around that City wouldn't hurt. But my worry went off the radar when I finally arrived the busy City of New York. It was indeed worth the risk.

Walking Tour in New York City with my new Timex Fairfield Chronograph Supernova™ 41mm Leather Strap Watch

Twentieth of July when I purchased my online ticket for a bus going to New York from Waterbury. Indeed, it was an easy-peasy kind of transaction. I chose Peter Pan Bus Lines because it was suggested by my Filipino friends here in the States and they didn't fail! So it was a rainy 6:30 in the morning when I walked from my hotel going to the Travel Center or Bus stop which is definitely very near to Courtyard by Marriott. It was a two-hour ride from Waterbury to New York City. I arrived like 9 AM sharp and the excitement rose up from my feet to my head. Without any hesitations, I grabbed the iPhone borrowed from the Company and launched my best friend app of that day, Google Map. It was my first time in the big City in the United States and I bet I was confident because I got the right tool and of course, money to roam around. So, here's my own itinerary or places which I am so proud of that I had visited successfully by just walking. Yes, if you really wish to enjoy the scenery and savor every corner in New York, you should try this Walking Tour I made.

1. Central Park (Southern Part)

Let's start off with the famous Park in New York, the huge Central Park. For me, an hour or two is not enough to experience Central Park. This Park is the fifth largest Urban Park in New York City so  I would say One day is good to cover everything. If you're riding a Bus, then your start location is the Port Authority of New York. This place alone is very instagrammable so you might want to check this place out before proceeding to Central Park which I actually forgot to do so.


A lot to do in Central Park. If you wish just to site seeing, then you are very much welcome. But the park is open to everyone who wishes to do everything such as running, walking, family time bonding, eating, just feel the fresh air, or whatever you want except Rated 18 activities (wink).

Central Park New York City

Central Park New York City

WALK TIME: 9 AM to 9:50AM
FROM-TO: Port Authority of New York to Central Park
DISTANCE: 1.2 miles

Central Park New York City

2. Times Square

So the next destination is very near, it's the busy Time Square where you can see all race of life getting selfies or taking pictures of their friends. So before you arrive on this area, you can also take pictures of the famous Radio City Music Hall.


WALK TIME: 10 AM to 10:15 AM
FROM-TO: Central Park to Time Square Manhattan
DISTANCE: 0.7 miles

New York City United States of America

New York City TImes Square

3. Empire State Building

This New York's famous building, Empire State Building is located two-three blocks after Bryant Park in which I forgot to visit.


WALK TIME: 10:15 AM to 10:30 AM
FROM-TO:  Time Square Manhattan to Empire State Building
DISTANCE: 1.1 miles

New York City Empire State Building

4. Madison Square Park

Of course, as what you expect from me - I'm into green stuff so I went directly to Madison Square Park. Nothing nice to see here but just a cute Garden Park with a cute playground for kids.


WALK TIME: 10:30 AM to 10:40 AM
FROM-TO:  Empire State Building to Madison Square Park
DISTANCE: 0.5 mile

5. Flatiron Building

This amazing skyscraper is originally called the Fuller Building. Why it's called like that? Obviously, the building looks like a cast-iron clothes iron. Cute, isn't it? Why Flatiron is significant most especially to Movie-goers? Because this building was featured in several films such as Armageddon, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla, As Good as It Gets, Hitch, New York Minute, Spider-Man, and many more!


WALK TIME: 10:40 AM to 10:42 AM
FROM-TO:  Madison Square Park to Flatiron Building
DISTANCE: 1.0 mile

New York City Flatiron Building

6. Washington Square Park

Now, this is one of my favorite Urban Park in New York.  Washington Square Park has the famous Washington Arc and this place is very near to New York University. It is situated in lower Manhattan and is the center of Cultural activities such as singing, dancing, band, painting display and other stuff. Also, Washing Square Arch celebrates the centennial of George Washington's inauguration as President of the United States in 1789 and forms the grand southern terminus of Fifth Avenue. That's why it's famous and historical!

New York City Washington Square garden


WALK TIME: 10:42 AM to 11:00 AM
FROM-TO:  Flatiron Building to Washington Square Park
DISTANCE: 1.0 mile

New York City Washington Square garden

New York City Washington Square garden

7. Our Lady Of Pompeii Church

This is a Catholic church located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Such a nice building for me.


WALK TIME: 11:00 AM to 11:05 AM
FROM-TO:  Washington Square Park to Our Lady Of Pompeii Church
DISTANCE: 0.3 mile

8. Hudson River Park (Pier 45 down to 25)

Aside from my fave Central Park and Washington Square Park, this Park is designed for physically active people of New York! Why my fave? You can see the skyline of New York City! A fresh air from the river/sea plus the trees and plants around gives you a determination to go on a run or just a walk with friends or maybe a simple picnic with family is famous here. It is very relaxing in this park compared to others.

New York City Hudson River Park



WALK TIME: 11:05 AM to 11:20 AM
FROM-TO:  Our Lady Of Pompeii Church to Hudson River Park
DISTANCE: 0.6 mile

New York City Hudson River Park

New York City Hudson River Park

New York City Hudson River Park

9. Ground Zero Memorial Park (9/11 Memorial)

If you remember the tragic September 11, 2001 attacks which killed 2,977 people, then this is the place now. It's ground zero from two tall buildings which were destroyed during the attack. Names of those who died were engraved in the two memorial roofs of the twin towers. It is the most crowded Parks I've visited when in New York. You can actually feel the sadness of the Tourists coming to this area. That tragic moment was a story that no one loves to listen.



WALK TIME: 11:20 AM to 12 NOON
FROM-TO:   Hudson River Park to Ground Zero Memorial Park (9/11 Memorial)
DISTANCE: 1.7 mile


10. Westfield World Trade Center or Oculus Mall

This is a unique structure as this is actually an underground mall which is situated just at the back of the 9/11 memorial museum and front of The Millennium Hotel. And to add, this is the largest mall in Manhattan which is designed by Calatrava. I did not go downstairs as I was hurrying to grab some Starbucks Coffee but at the top, the mall really looks good and nice!




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