Adorable or Scary? The Best Halloween Costumes By Cebuanos So Far!

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It's been FOUR years already when FaceCebu started to search online and post them amazing costumes of Cebuanos every during Halloween. And year after year, Cebuanos always shock us with their creativity and ability to bring some of our Halloween scares to Human life. Even our loved Cartoon characters or Superheroes will bring us Joy as we celebrate Halloween.

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This year, we are so proud to give you this list of Halloween Costumes by Cebuanos. Are they adorable or scary? Please leave a comment on this blog and if you think you got a better costume, send a pic to our official Facebook Fanpage.

Let's start with these Kids! Look at this spooky yet adorable Ghost Bride! Photos by Janika Janika.

How about COCO-inspired outfit? Ohhhhh Such Cuties, right? Taken during ASPI Kiddie Halloween 2018, pics by Snaps 4 More.

Hey Miguel!!! Why so sad? Taken during ASPI Kiddie Halloween 2018, pics by Snaps 4 More.

This one is really cool! Every Kids dream to wear transformers during Halloween! Taken by Anna Mae Mosot.

This kid we think is the brother of transformer dude! Looke at those lights, creative!!! Taken by Anna Mae Mosot.

I think kudos to the decorations? But seriously, this is scary Mr. Mark Jasper.

This scene in Kakahuyan sa Parkmall is really scary! Thanks for this inside pic Ms. Justine L. Espina.

And her majesty, The Queen of Hearts. Photo by Marilou Rocha.

And for our BEST (as of this writing), check out Mr. Mad Hatter by Novereich Agustin! Those Details, from Makeup to outfit! Perfecto! Very Creative Dude!

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