Cebuano Jeepney Driver, "ALL MY PASSENGER IS FREE of Fare" On Christmas Day!

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Oh Christmas, you are full of mysteries and surprises! And this time, a very good surprise! Yesterday, a Social Media user, Prudence Mae Abellanosa Enerlan, posted something thoughtful and magical on her Facebook account. Are you ready to know this one of a kind Christmas Presents? Here's Tatay Driver who offers a free ride to all his Jeepney passengers on his first trip every Christmas Day for 14 years already!

Tatay Driver has been reported to be living in Tinaan, Naga City in Cebu. I just hope someone will give this Tatay Driver something amazing this Holiday season! By the way, you can catch him on his Naga-Bulacao Jeepney Route. 

The post was done Christmas day at 7:40 AM, 25 minutes after it actually happened. As of this writing, it has 11 thousand comments and 19 thousand shares. It stated as follows:

December 25, 2018 around 7:15am

While on the way going to my work..

As soon as I entered his jeepney ( front seat), He immediately greeted me "GOOD MORNING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS"

When one passenger gave his jeepney fare he refused to accept it, and said to us "ALL MY PASSENGER IS FREE of Fare, that's my little Christmas gift for everyone",

Me sitting beside him was shocked and awe for what he said.

He's been doing this free fare for 14years every first trip of December 25th.

Little things matter.

Merry Christmas indeed Tay, Thank you and God bless 😊

See original post below:

See how an ordinary jeepney driver gave smile and brightness to people even with just a small deed! Now, I hope this will enlighten our minds and gives us ideas on how to share positive vibes not just for Christmas Day but throughout our entire life for as long as we can! Way to go Tatay!!!

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  1. Proud daughter here...😍 We love our father so much. He is really a very good and kind father. Thank you everyone for your nice comments. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


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