What are Camiguin Island's Tourist Destinations and Spots ?

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Camiguin is famous to its waterfalls and islets called White Sand Islet and Mantigue Island. But aside from these mentioned destinations, there are other things you can do and places you can visit while in Camiguin Island. Here's a complete list of Camiguin Island's Tourist Destinations and Spots.

📍 Tongatok Cliff

Nothing special in this first destination but from Tongatok cliff, you can see a beautiful view of one of the Camiguin Volcanoes.

📍 Bura Soda Spring

Situated in the municipality of Catarman, Bura Soda Spring is a vast pool made of cold natural Spring. And according to the staff, their water is safe for drinking. Of course, we tried and so far, I am alive and kicking! LOL

📍 Tuasan Falls + Tres Marias View

The most crowded Falls in Camiguin and personally, I don't like the water - it's not clear but the falls is beautiful. I mean even if the Tuasan falls is not special from any other huge falls, there is something with the green ferns and trees around it that makes it beautiful. And a plus on this part of the trip is a scenic view of Tres Marias.

📍 Sunken Cemetery

The most visited Spot in Camiguin by Locals and Foreigners not just because of the historic Sunken Cemetery but because the sea is rich in species and corals that every Divers dream to witness. By the way, the Sunken Cemetery is the remains of Mount Vulcan which erupted last 1871.

📍 The Old Spanish Church Ruins

Just like Sunken Cemetery, this Old Spanish Church or commonly called Guiob Church is the remains of the historic Mount Vulcan eruption on 1871.

📍 Katunggan Park

Katunggan Park is famous in Camiguin as Mangrove-Park. With those big Black Mangrove branches, you would think a big snake is looking at you ready to grab you to death. LOL But seriously, those trees were creepy but this place is so solemn and very instagrammable.

Katunggan Park is mostly composed of Black Mangroves easily identified by its roots which are specialized to take in oxygen. Roots look like tubular bristles which stick out vertically and trap oxygen for its oxygen-starved root systems. No, I did not search for this information. It is posted in the entrance of the Park. LOL

📍 Sto Niño Cold Spring

During the Summer, it's very hot all over the country. It's like humid is everywhere but when in Camiguin, there's one Spring pool that everybody loves to dip. It is called Sto. Niño Cold Spring. Even with a large number of vacationers checking in this place, the spring water in the pool remains very cold. When we visited there, we haven't got a chance to try the water since it was very crowded that I cannot breathe.

📍  Katibawasan Falls

Situated in the capital of Camiguin, Katibawasan Falls is the best waterfalls I visited in Camiguin. It is 250 feet high and is very magical when you see it in person. After we did some shots for social media and memories keeps, I went for a dip - the water is very very cold! I love Katibawasan!

📍  Walkway to the Old Volcano

This place is the most visited spots during Holy Week. Walkway to the Old Volcano has stations of the cross with 280 steps walkway. It is a solemn place - we rested there for a while.

📍  White Island

Known with its fine and white sand, White Island is composed solely of white sands with no shelter or trees except for big umbrellas being rented by Boaters. When you look at the island in an aerial view, White Island looks like a horseshoe. We stayed in that beautiful islet for like 3 hours - we swam and enjoyed the clear water very much!

What to expect? A very scenic view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok as part of your amazing background! I did not see any trashes in the islet. If you wish to stay longer for 4 Hours, don't forget to rent a big umbrella - it is very comfy while enjoying the sun and sand.

📍  Mantigue Island

When we were still in the boat and nearing Mantigue Island, I remembered I kept on telling my friends that the island really looks like Canigao Island of Leyte. It is very small that you can roam around in just 10-15 minutes. We rented a small table in just PHP 50 which is very affordable. They have a restaurant and you can order seafood for meals. We stayed there for 3+ hours.

What to expect? Nothing much! But but but, they have volleyball ground, very clean environment, friendly boaters and I heard you can rent a glass boat for a 30 minutes tour around the island. But during that time, we were not able to do it due to some issue on the water which we did not ask further. For me, Mantigue Island can be put on the last day of your Camiguin Tour.

📍  City Tour

In our last night, we visited the Municipality of Mambajao after dinner. Actually, it was more on a walking exercise since we were very full with our cooked meal. We planned to visit Viola's Snack Bar but it was closed when we get there by 8PM. So, we decided to roam around and headed back to Villa Paraiso Resort for a good sleep before going back to work the next day.

San Nicholas De Tolentino Church
San Nicholas De Tolentino Church
Generally, Camiguin Island is underrated. There's a lot to do in this place and if I have a chance to go back, I will surely do! I miss going to Mt. Hibok-Hibok, the Ardent Spring, that famous Lighthouse - I missed a lot! And when I go back, I will surely fulfill everything I wanted to experience and visit.

What and how to ride while roaming around the island?

If you plan to travel alone or in two, you can book a single motorcycle or Habal-Habal in touring the island. But since we are in 5 pax, I recommended traveling in a multicab.

I strongly commend to book a multicab in Camiguin Tours and Excursion. Aside from the friendly owner, Teddy Pabualan, their drivers are professionals and very accommodating to your needs and sudden changes of itinerary. They offer PHP 1700/multicab per day.

For inquiries and booking, please contact below.
Mobile: 0917-5219391 / 0939-2440521
Email: teddypabualan@gmail.com
Website: camiguintransport.blogspot.com

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