#Halloween2019 Costumes - My Top Picks!

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I've been a fan of Halloween Costumes by Cebuanos! If you are a reader of my humble blog, you can see the changes year after year on their amazing Cosplaying affair especially on the day before All Saints' Day. And last weekend, Cebuanos were out partying and wearing their favorite cartoon/anime characters or superheroes or other weird but cute characters! Are you ready for my list this year?

Cebuanos are creative! If you wish to be part of the list, please send us a message on Facebook page!

As usual, I am picking these fellas from Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and most of them are living in Cebu! So, here are My Top Picks of Halloween 2019 Costumes!!!

Let's start with these cute kittens! Credit: @meow82469875 (Twitter)

How about this adorable Maleficent? Credit: Toni Pino Oca

WOW! Look at that make-up! Credit: @crazyaaron_

I don't find this scary! Such cutie!!! Credit: @thefreemannews

WOW! Predatorrrrrr !!! Credit: @thefreemannews

Three's a TREAT! Such a character bro! Credit: @thefreemannews

He's very creative! From Dracula to Evil Prince real quick! 
Credit: @Novereich Agustin

OMG! Are you gonna give him some treats if he'll visit at home? SCARYYYY! Credit: Chloe Singson Leswe

This is on the TOP!!! OMG! Credit: Jm Bercede Yap III

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