Top 10 Best Pasalubongs From Don Quijote

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It was 4:55 in the morning when my friends and I were done with last-minute packing and routines prior to going to Narita Airport. It was raining hard and the wind blew so cold but it did not stop us arriving at Shinjuku Station and purchased a Narita Express ticket using our Suica Card. By the way, you can check Klook and purchase affordable Suica card or JR pass One Week Pass and other Japan activities using your Klook mobile app.

Our flight going back to Cebu was scheduled at 1:35 PM but we didn't want to be late and we wanted to keep away from a Tuesday hassle of Tokyo so we decided to come to the airport very early. While waiting for the check-in counter to open, I couldn't help but noticed this lady prolly a Filipina Woman carrying a loaded backpack while pushing very big luggage. I thought to myself and smiled, "I bet she had a happy shopping in the past days, just like what we had last night at Don Quijote."

If there's one tradition that every Filipinos is fond of doing when traveling is shopping for some food and souvenirs to be given to their friends and family. We call this Pasalubong. I'm not sure what is its direct English translation but for me, it means sharing your blessings to your friends and through this pasalubong, you can let your family feel how and what it's like to travel to Japan.

Don Quijote or commonly known as Don Ke is the famous tax-free shopping center of Japan. It has branches all over the country that operates 24-Hours. An advantage for Travellers especially those who want to do their Pasalubong shopping at late at night when fewer people are around. Now, let me give you my Top 10 List of best Pasalubong from Don Quijote.

1. Printed Japan Tees for JPY 1990 (PHP 1105.5)

2. Refrigerator Magnet for JPY 498 (PHP 276.6)

3. Key Holder for JPY 398 (PHP 221.11)

4. Printed and colorful socks for JPY 998 (PHP 554.44)

5. Mini Luggage sling bag for JPY 1980 (PHP 1100)

6. Beauty Products (lipstick, etc) from JPY 1000-1500 (PHP 555.55-83333) and Face Mask from JPY 548-1000 (PHP 304.44-555.5)

7. Ramen from JPY 98-400 (PHP 54.44-222.22)

8. Kit Kat Chocolates from JPY 238-298 (PHP 132.2- 165.55) and Pocky Pocky Chocolate Sticks from JPY 98-300 (PHP 54.44-166.66)

9. Gummies for JPY 298 (PHP 165.55) and Various Candies from JPY 698 to 1980 (PHP 387.77-1,100)

10. Cute Coin Purse for JPY 1180 (PHP 655.55)

With this list, for sure Filipinos would be excited to shop for Pasalubong when traveling to Japan. Of course, this won't be possible without Klook. So don't forget to check activities in Japan using the mobile klook app. Happy Shopping!

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