A Day In Hiroshima and Itsukushima Shrine Japan!

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[OCTOBER 15, 2019] The next day after arrival in Japan was our official "Laag" moments! As I planned out itinerary, I considered the 7-Day Japan Rail Pass we purchased in Klook. So, we decided to visit first the farthest prefecture from our current location which was Osaka. That one day visit to the historical Hiroshima was indeed one of the most memorable experiences!

What do we expect in Hiroshima?

It is in Hiroshima prefecture I witnessed firsthand a beautiful castle. This historical place brought so many memories to all people worldwide. My friends and I visited Hiroshima in just one day from Osaka, so we chose the most famous tourist destinations. So, what do we expect in Hiroshima, Japan? Here are some destinations that you can actually visit but since we lacked time, we decided to head directly to the famous Miyajima Island.


Visited Japan's Historical Prefecture, HIROSHIMA. First stop, Hiroshima Castle!!! #jaFUN #CebTravels ---------------------------------------------------- Btw, do you know why JR Pass is important if you are planning to visit a number of Tourist destinations in #Japan? 1. It is affordable. In just less than PHP 15K from Klook, you can already travel as far as Hiroshima if you are staying from #Tokyo or #Osaka in 7 days validity. (Note: Tokyo - Hiroshima costs JPY 18380 one way ( PHP 10,211)) 2. A lot of local trains are also part of JR Service. 3. Easy to navigate within station as they have large JR signs especially made for Tourists. 4. They have special mobile app called NAVI TIME which you can check everytime your planning to visit to one of Japan's Travel spots. It works like Google Map but much better for Japan Transportation. 5. There's a lot in my mind but will update this soon. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ And for hassle-free way of getting that JR Pass, BOOK IT WITH @klooktravel_ph NOW!!! #KlookPH #BookitKlookit πŸ“· clicked by @rosesh_18
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From Hiroshima, we used our JR Pass to visit Itsukushima Island (Miyajima). You can use the Navitime mobile app for a true and quick guide going there. It's just 2 hours of travel from Hiroshima and trust me, all worth it!

But when we visited Miyajima, my friend told me about the repair of going to the iconic floating Torrii Gate but I still insisted to come to the island for experience and indeed, I love it there. By the way, you cannot get a good shot of the Torrii Gate because everything was covered with Scaffolding so better enjoy the sceneries, talk to the locals, witness some traditions inside the castle and of course, you better try their street food and that yummy matcha ice cream!

You can actually visit a number of Tourist spots in Miyajima Island but again, we promised to visit at least two-three spots in each prefecture, so we decided to go home after sunset. And if you are asking if there was a sunset view? It was raining so no sun was showing.

I hope you like this part 2 of our Japan Trip, please look forward on our Day 3 in Kyoto!!! You can check this Article,  Arrival Story : Fun in Japan! for the part 1.



Arashiyama Bamboo Grove + Fushimi Inari Shrine + Osaka Castle + Dōtonbori

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