TOKYO DAY! Hachiko Statue, Shibuya Crossing, Starbucks Reserve Tokyo and Shinjuku District!

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[OCTOBER 17, 2019] Since we booked our Osaka Hostel for 3 days only, we headed to Tokyo on our 4th day. Basically, we spent almost half a day traveling from Osaka to Tokyo prefecture using JR Pass on a bullet train, Shinkansen. Of course, thanks to Klook PH for the affordable purchase. Now, let me give you a view of what we did on our first day in Tokyo.

After arrival, we headed directly to our Hostel, Sophiearth Apartment which is situated in the KPOP District of  Tokyo, Shin Okubo. Of course, aside from the excitement of touring Tokyo, an Army (BTS Fandom name) in me wanted to check the stores within the neighborhood. There is no problem with drinking water, food, or any essentials because a number of convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart are available in almost every corner.


It took us less than an hour to go to Shibuya station from Shin-Okubo station. The normal travel time supposedly was 15-30 mins only but you know, first-timer! But it was fun! It was raining when we arrived at the busiest Crossing of the world, the Shibuya Crossing. And then, photoshoot!!!

But before Shibuya Crossing, my friends lined up at Hachiko Park for a quick shot with the famous Hachiko, famous loyal Akita dog, Memorial Statue.

I've been to New York last 2018 but the aura and feels of Shibuya are different. I just love how the Japanese go to all directions in Shibuya Crossing but remain calm and respectful to other people. I am stunned!


After a lot of tries in crossing Shibuya just to get a perfect shot, we decided to head to the biggest Starbucks Reserve in Japan by just walking. It took us at least an hour to arrive at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo and definitely, worth the effort. We had our coffee and snacks and the interiors and the hospitality are definitely world-class. You can check below youtube video for my quick documentation.


After those tiring moments in Shibuya, we then headed back to our hostel for a quick refresh and getting ready for a dinner and nightlife visit at Shinjuku District. A number of Ramen Houses and Restaurants are available in Shinjuku. The famous one is Ichiran Ramen and just be prepared that the waiting line would be longer.

Why is Shinjuku famous in Japan? Shinjuku is the entertainment district of Japan where you can see all walks of life. Not to mention a lavish and colorful nightlife at the Red district, Kabuchiko. You will also notice a number of Locals who are cosplaying not just in a special day or Halloween but almost every night while wearing their fave anime or cartoon characters. Aside from the mentione sceneries, Shinjuku has shopping centers, parks, restaurants, bars, and unique buildings which can definitely attract Locals and Tourists.

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