Why Choose Bluewater Maribago For A Vacation In A New Normal?

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Even before this pandemic broke, when you visit Cebu there's always this one Resort that comes up in your mind, for me it's Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort!  Being in the business for 31 years, Bluewater Maribago has always been so careful with everything especially when it comes to customers' needs and satisfaction. That's why they are always on my staycation or even workcation list. So, why choose Bluewater Maribago for a quick vacation or even a week of workcation in this new normal?


Address: Buyong Maribago, Mactan Island Lapu-lapu City Cebu, Philippines 6015 
Email: maribago@bluewater.com.ph 
Tel: +6332 402 4100 
Mobile: +63998 843 7688 
Fax: +6332 492 0128 

1. Serenity at its best!

Just chilling!
Now, this is chill!

When it comes to comfort and peace of mind, Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is the best venue for us. Unlike other Resorts that have a lot of water activities, Bluewater Maribago is focused on giving the best vacation experience that we all deserve. We don't need to be physically active when doing vacation. Most of the time, we just need to feel comfy. This pandemic made the worst out of a person. Not just physically but so emotionally, spiritually, and other aspects of a person. And to escape from this stress, we need a paradise that could give us sumptuous food, a comfortable bed to sleep in, a white-sand to stare at and just chill, a clean environment and fresh air to just appreciate life - all these, I experienced first hand at Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort. 

My comfy bed - Premier Deluxe Room

How do you want your egg to be done? Breakfast is not complete without eggs, right?

YES! All good breakfast from Allegro Restaurant

Sikwate or hot chocolate for breakfast?

This is how my breakfast looks like in Bluewater Maribago

2. They care about customers! BlueCARES!

One thing that Bluewater Maribago is particular about is to care for its customers. Reopening the resorts to the public, after quarantine, requires new ways of operating.

BlueCARES Initiative was developed in response to the fast-changing conditions presented by COVID-19. It is an extensive program to keep safe and well our guests, staff, and community. This covers the development of processes, tools, enhanced cleaning, and safeguards to handle the “new normal”. It steers our approach to ensure that the Amuma and welfare of our guests and staff remain a top priority.

BlueCARES is Bluewater Resorts’ mark of commitment to safety, protection, and well-being.

But what does CARES mean to Bluewater? Here's some info:


Bluewater has been working with the Experts, government, and community to develop wellness programs and health/hospital-grade cleaning protocols to help in the prevention of virus spread.


Amuma is a Bisayan term for nurture. And to nurture means to care. Thus, following and implementing health protocols for the welfare of guests is Bluewater Maribago's top priority.


Educate the Bluewater community on preventing the spread of the virus.

Even Chef Stephen is wearing mask while presenting this dish


Implement effective measures to contain the virus spread such as screening and appropriate health protocols, hospital-grade cleaning solutions, safe food handling and preparation, and technological innovation for contact-reduced procedures.


Properly equip Employees with safeguards against contagion such as Facemasks, Protective Personal Equipment, and proper training. Enforce Social Distancing Measures for Guests and Employees

You can see the glass barriers in their Allegro Restaurant.

3. Get them all via Bluewater Exclusives.

Bluewater Resorts wants to establish a strong foothold in the growing online shopping market by launching its own Bluewater Exclusives. It is an online digital platform by Bluewater Resorts where you can buy room, Food and Beverage, and spa vouchers. Guests need to visit www.bluewaterexclusives.com.ph. 

I miss this pinikpikan na manok from Baguio and yes, you can order this in Bluewater Maribago!

Umami Seafood Pizza is also a must try!

Adobo Rice is a must!!!!

Aside from the vouchers, Bluewater Celebration Box classic favorites like the Bluewater Adobo Rice, Tuburan coffee-flavored Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs, and Brick-Oven Chicken for family-sized warm meals. Sunstar's Best of Cebu's Bluewater's Ube Cheese Pan De Sal and Ensaymada is also available online by a box of 12. 

Online shoppers can buy their favorite comfort food at the Bluewater Exclusives and can have it delivered by their preferred courier service. Delivery service is shouldered by the buyer.

Overall, Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is the epitome of a good and safe vacation in this new normal! Check out the contact details to book!

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