How To Sleep Well? Here Are Five Tips!

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Getting enough sleep is a luxury these days and an important part of self-care. With increasing demands both at work and home, it has become more essential to keep one’s mind and body sound and healthy. A good quality, comfortable mattress can make all the difference in getting that much-needed relaxation, whether it is in the form of afternoon siestas or a full eight hours of sleep. 

Sleep Specialist Uratex, the biggest foam and mattress manufacturer in the country, recently opened their 24th showroom in the country and 2nd in Cebu at Belmont One Building, Calajo-an, Minglanilla. With over half a century of experience delivering superior comfort and support in improving the Filipinos’ quality of sleep, they share five tips on how to choose the right mattress: 

Choose the Right Size

Size matters especially when choosing mattresses. Uratex mattresses come in six sizes - single, double, full double, queen, king, and eastern king with customization available.  A useful, full-sized guide in the showroom helps determine the right size for every need. 

Put comfort first

In buying a new mattress, consider their body type, sleeping position, and needs like back support and anti-bacterial technology. Uratex has a selection of mattresses to choose from with varying comfort levels like medium-firm, firm, extra firm, and plush. They also have mattresses with Orthocare® technology that provide the necessary support and relieve pressure points for maximum comfort. Their permahard mattress from the classic collection is the only foam trusted by the Philippine Orthopedic Association and is perfect for those with back problems. All premium mattresses also use Sanitized® technology to keep one’s bed clean and free from dust, odor, and bacteria.

Go for cool mattresses

The hot and humid climate can greatly impact sleep quality. Find a mattress with cooling capabilities that provide comfort despite hot summer days and nights. Uratex’s Airlite mattresses are made with Sleep Cool® technology that uses open cell foam to let air flow freely for a more comfortable and refreshing sleep.

Invest in quality, long-lasting mattresses

Buying a mattress is a big investment and an important milestone. Make sure to choose one that is durable, made of quality fabric, has no harmful chemicals, and can last for many years. Uratex’s wide selection of mattresses from their two main collections -  Classic and Premium - are lifelong investments with up to a 15-year warranty.

Test it out 

Online shopping may be easy and convenient but nothing beats in-person shopping especially when selecting mattresses. Browse, feel, and test different plush or firm mattress types and the various sizes available. Consult with sleep specialists who are ready to assist and recommend the right mattress to match every need. For a first-hand experience, visit Uratex’s Minglanilla showroom which houses its Sleep Lab, the first and only facility of its kind in Cebu where one can test out their line of premium mattresses. The showroom also has 12 sections that showcase a wide range of products from mattresses, pillows, foldable, sofa beds, monoblock furniture, and more.  

Uratex was founded in 1968 with the vision of producing high-quality mattresses Filipinos can afford. It has since grown to become the most recognized household name in the bedding industry synonymous with quality, and the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses. They continue to innovate by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. 

For more information and updates, visit and follow @UratexCebuShowroom on Facebook and @Uratex_Cebu on Instagram.

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