10 Christmas Gift Ideas, Shop Online! 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12

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Christmas is definitely dancing in the air already and as you know, the Philippines celebrates this festival the longest! When the calendar says Ber, it's the call of Santa Claus to start working and add the Philippines to the priority list. Don't you just love the Christmas cheer? I personally love this yuletide season and I always prefer giving to receiving. Now, let me show you some top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for your family, friends, and love ones!



Here are 10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Christmas!

1. For Parents, Foldable Reclining Chair
PRICE : ₱1700 - ₱2000 ONLY!

Foldable Reclining Chair

2. For your Cook Mom, Air Fryer!
PRICE : ₱1000-2000 ONLY! (From 4000 Original Price)
Air Fryer

3. For your sister and niece, Korean Make-up set
PRICE : ₱150 - ₱200 ONLY!
Korean Make-up set

4. For your Army niece and nephew, BTS Army Kit Box or BTS Oversized Shirts.
PRICE : ₱100 - ₱250 ONLY!

BTS Army Kit Box


BTS Oversized Shirts

5. For your relatives and friends, Korean inspired FaceMask
PRICE : ₱15 - ₱20 ONLY!
Korean inspired FaceMask

6. For your fitness bro, realme Smart Scale
PRICE : ₱990 ONLY! (From 1200 Original Price)

7. For your KDrama addict friends, Flexible Phone Tripod
PRICE : ₱31 ONLY! (From 120 Original Price)
Flexible Phone Tripod

PRICE : ₱390 ONLY!

9. For your Niece and Nephew who are having online class, OPPO Tablet
PRICE: ₱2,999 ONLY (From ₱4,999 Original Price) 

10. For your Kikay Niece, Korean Shoulder Sling
PRICE : ₱99 ONLY! (From 199 Original Price)
Korean Shoulder Sling

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