Savoy Hotel Mactan Launches Phantom, PH First Pet Guest Relation Officer!

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This pandemic has affected everyone and everything - that includes dogs and cats and other pets! Worse has come to people and animals too, that's how Phantom felt when he needed saving - thanks to Savoy Hotel Mactan as the hotel came to rescue! In the end, it's Phantom which saved the Hotel

Savoy Hotel Mactan Phantom Pet
GM Josef Victor Chiongbian playing with Phantom during his Media Launch earlier today

The current circumstances haven’t been the best for all of us, but Phantom has definitely made each day the “best and the happiest day possible. “- GM Josef Victor Chiongbian

Early this year, Savoy Hotel Mactan transitioned to a Pet-friendly hotel to be one with the entire Mactan Newtown. Since then, the hotel has felt much enthusiasm especially from their guests who would love to bring their pets during the vacation.

Savoy Hotel Mactan Phantom Pet
GM Josef playing with Phantom 

#PhantomProject begins when the hotel received a call that a dog needed to be rescued A-S-A-P. A facility in Cebu City was closed due to the pandemic and had 2 English Bulldogs left without proper care, and sadly one of them did not make it. The hotel was advised to get him out of there and immediately, the entire team agreed that adopting was a great idea, rescuing was a brilliant one. The team got in touch with the owner who happened to be very supportive of the whole idea.

Even though Phantom was not in very good shape, anxious, and in much pain, the hotel felt that he was excited as this was his long-awaited moment of saving. 

Phantom was brought to Bethpage Veterinarian Clinic and was given with series of medications by Dr. Gilbert Ian Paclipan. After a few days, when Phantom was finally brought to Savoy Hotel Mactan we have a volunteer from Saving Stray Cebu who constantly visited him making sure that he is eating well and regularly taking all his Vitamins and Medicines. Surprisingly he was able to adapt to the new environment very quickly. And he was loving the attention that all the staff of Savoy Hotel Mactan is giving him. 

Savoy Hotel Mactan Phantom Pet
Members of the Media and Bloggers group during the launch earlier of Phantom

He has rescued and continues to rescue the team from the emotional and mental toll the present circumstances have brought and he continues to remind everyone that it’s not so bad after all. 

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