Why Choose Belmont Hotel Boracay for your Exclusive Vacation?

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Vacation has become essential since this pandemic started. Why? We've been in two-year quarantine and what does that mean for a person like me who religiously follows the protocols? I need some breather - a much-needed escape! And that's what Belmont Hotel Boracay had given us. Exclusive vacation in a safer way! Here are some reasons why we choose Belmont Hotel Boracay!

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If you are going for a solo vacation or with your barkada or with your family, the venue comes a priority, and then everything follows. For me, here are the 5 reasons why I choose Belmont Hotel Boracay for a comfortable and safe Vacation!

1. It's Exclusive!

Social distancing is not a problem in this tropical oasis waiting on "the other side" of Boracay away from the usual crowd of the main stations. But exclusivity doesn't usually mean you got the island all yours! It means you have space - most especially in these scary times, space and distancing are required. In Belmont Hotel Boracay, you can actually enjoy beaching under the sun with your family in a safer way - that's what exclusive means. With the hospitable and welcoming staff, you will feel safe but at the same time, enjoy the sun and sand! 

2. Bike and Brew is super FUN. #BoracayKeyhole 

Even on a vacation, you still need to take care of yourself. Some physical fitness is always observed and that's why Belmont Hotel Boracay is a great choice. To name a few, you can check out Belmont Hotel Boracay's Gym or just walk by the beach around Premises or join their Morning Yoga at the viewing deck but the best and super fun physical activity for me is the Bike and Brew! You can go cardio with their BIKES and at the end of the Keyhole, you'll enjoy the hot Brew and freshly-baked pastries from 5:30 to 8AM! And how much more, enjoying sunrise while drinking coffee and feeling the sea breeze? HEAVEN!

3. Amazing Watersports Activities

What's a vacation without any watersports? In Belmont Hotel Boracay, you can choose from Kayaking, paddling boarding, or Snorkeling. Any from the mentioned, you will surely enjoy the clear water beach in Belmont Hotel Boracay's Newcoast! But of course, what is Boracay if you can't witness the colorful Sunset? Belmont Hotel Boracay can always arrange a Sunset Cruise with your group. They will personally assist you from transportation to the booking of the activity or if you already booked one, they will just assist you in going down to the Beach Stations and make sure you are safe. 

4. Dinner at the White Beach

You won't experience a dinner in front of a white beach when in Boracay's other Hotels! But when you choose Belmont Hotel Boracay, it's a perfect meal with family or friends in front of Boracay Newcoast beach! With an available bar at the beach and some delectable food offerings, you will surely enjoy the night with some booze and sumptuous dishes prepared by Belmont Cafe. 

Feel like partying? The hotel offers BBQ buffet at the Newcoast Beach from 5PM to 8PM every Saturday. Now you can enjoy the beats, the meats, the brew and the view Beach for as low as PHP 600++ per person.

Belmont Hotel Boracay’s steadfast commitment has always been to offer you an extraordinary experience in a safe environment. Guided by this philosophy, they are adapting their services and service areas to comply with all local and national government health recommendations while maintaining their exceptional service standards. You can read everything from this article B Safe.

What do you think of my personal reasons? Do these encourage you to fly to Boracay and have a relaxing and comfortable vacation ever in Belmont Hotel Boracay? Enjoy and always Mask Up and Stay safe - BSafe!

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