Number Of Supporters For RoSa Are Amazingly Increasing

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Three days to go and the 2022 National Elections here in the Philippines will commence. Are you decided on who to vote for? Would you vote for the benefits of the Candidates or would you vote for the benefits of all Filipinos as a whole? Would you think of the future of your children when you vote? Or Would you vote because someone influence you to do so? In this special article, here are a number of Supporters who are supporting Leni Robredo as the President and Sara Duterte as Vice-President.

First, let me share with you the output or results of the Presidential and Vice-Presidentiable Polls I made on my Instagram account yesterday. It's safe to say that people or supporters of ROSA are increasing!!!

Now, let's hear some reasons why Personalities chose ROSA.

@rosasbukas #lenirobredo #letlenilead #saraduterte #RoSa2022 #ROSA #kakampink #kulayrosasangbukas #gobyernongtapatangatbuhaylahat ♬ Rosas - Nica del Rosario

Now, ladies and gentlemen, celebrities and personalities supporting ROSA!

Let's hear why they choose VP Leni Robredo for President!!!

Let's hear why they choose Mayor Sara Duterte for Vice-President!!!

If you believe these strong ladies can lead our country into a prosperous development in the coming 6 years, feel free to follow our official Facebook Pages, and let's engage!!!


RoSa Robredo Sara sa 2022 - Visayas

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