Top 5 Choices of Value Meals You Can Order On GrabFood

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If we are busy people and sometimes, rest is needed more than preparing our daily food but we are on a tight budget then I think this feature of GrabFood is for us. Have you heard of PHP 99 Value Meals on GrabFood? Everyday Value Meals provides affordable meal choices for the office workers like us or maybe for WFH Freelancers and guess what? Meals start at P99!!! Affordable yet Tasty!

First off, let me show you how to order Value Meals that start at PHP 99 using Grab.
1. Open your Grab App
2. Click Food
3. Click the tile "Starts at P99+"
4. Search for the food you want and enjoy!

Value Meals that start at PHP 99

Now, let me share with you some affordable menus or dishes I ordered via GrabFood that start at P99 or less! 

1. Ngohiong Meal (Ngohiong Express) - Price at P44 or option is Siomai Meal (Ngohiong Express) - Price at P68

Siomai and Ngohiong in one plate. (Drinks are not included in the package)

Ngohiong Meal (Ngohiong Express) 
This comes with 2 pieces of Ngohiong with rice already. If you are on a tight budget, Ngohiong Express is your friend on GrabFood.

Siomai Meal (Ngohiong Express) 
If you're in Cebu, Siomai is also one of the best must-tries which is best paired with Hanging Rice or "puso". This menu comes with 4 pieces of Siomai and rice already. Burp!

2. Vegetable Lumpia (Orange Brutus) - Price at P87

Their Vegetable lumpia won't fail your taste buds. You can go with some add-ons such as Garlic Rice (PHP4), Plain Rice (PHP30), more Gravy (PHP20), and Sunny Side up egg (PHP 20.00). It's a good meal for someone who has a short break at the office.

3. Roasted Chicken Sandwich  (Jonie's Sizzlers & Roast) - Price at P110

But if you are into the diet, worry not! Get this Roasted Chicken Sandwich that comes with fries. Best paired with Milk Tea or Coffee when you are on the go for work or so busy at home. Enjoy!

4.  Chicken ToSilog (Jonie's Sizzlers & Roast) - Price at P135

I think this is one of the BUSOG Meals that we should order. It comes with Chicken Tocino, Sunny Side Up Egg, Rice, and Atchara. I would definitely try this again!

5. Original Sizzling Burger Steak (Orange Brutus) - Price at P155

Did you know that here in Cebu when we mention or talk about sizzling steak, Orange Brutus always comes to our mind? Yes, they have the best Sizzling Steak dish in Cebu. Personally, I grew up with Orange Brutus and I still remember how I enjoy eating this hot Burger Steak paired with their Orange or Mango Shake. 

This is it! Worry no more about not having good but affordable meals. Just focus on your work and GrabFood will help you with your value meals, every day! 

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