Laag Na! Dali Sa Dipolog, Dapit Sa Dapitan! Launched In Zamboanga Peninsula

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Lakbay-Lahi is coined from two Filipino words: “Lakbay” which means to go on a journey or to take a trip, and “Lahi” which refers to race, ethnicity, and ancestry. Come and join me as we journey the beautiful Zamboanga Peninsula in their Tourism Program named "L4D: Laag Na! Dali sa Dipolog, Dapit na sa Dapitan!"

The program draws inspiration from Cebu’s Suroy-Suroy Sugbo. The Suroy- Suroy Sugbo Program is a tourism promotion and marketing strategy initiated by Gov. Gwendolyn F. Garcia in 2008, that continues to this day. The program brought tourism into the countryside, expanding the usual image of Cebu as a destination only for white sand beaches and dive spots. The Program included the conduct of a massive, community-based participatory cultural mapping program in all the towns and cities of the province to document their natural and cultural heritage assets to be showcased to instill ‘pride of place as a prelude to welcoming tourists and visitors.

The Lakbay-Lahi Program is an expansion of the concept to cover all the regions of the country, in an effort to equalize opportunities and spread the benefits of tourism across lesser-known destinations. This is expected to be launched in 2023, with preparatory activities to be undertaken in 2022.

In this light, the Department of Tourism Region 9 has identified one of the region’s top destinations, Dipolog and Dapitan called as the “twin cities” of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga Peninsula to be the venue of the Region 9 Launch of the Lakbay Lahi: Philippine Culture, Heritage and Arts
Caravans in Zamboanga del Norte dubbed as “L4D: Laag Na! Dali sa Dipolog, Dapit sa Dapitan”.
Zamboanga del Norte, apart from being the top destination and tourist-ready destination in Region 9, its proximities to the neighboring islands of Visayas and Cagayan de Oro and other Mindanao regions is an ideal frontier to showcase the culture, heritage, and arts of the Province of Zamboanga del Norte.
The influences of the Visayans particularly the Boholanos to the culture of Dapitan and Dipolog have greatly influenced the way people offer the warmth of their hospitality like no other, the cultural assets of the Subanen, the first settlers of the cities of Dipolog and Dapitan have remained a strong manifestation of the rich tradition they have and the arts of both the ancestors and “conquistadores” such as weaving, Spanish sardines-making, and modern contemporary arts and music. Thus, Lakbay-Lahi showcase in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte is a must-see for all.

DAY 1 - Arrival and Welcome Dinner.

Had a smooth arrival at Dipolog Airport and headed directly to Dakak Park and Beach Resort , our official host for Department of Tourism Region 9’s L4D: Laag Na! Dali sa Dipolog, Dapit na sa Dapitan!

The event was graced by Gov. Rosalina Jalosjos and a welcome message was delivered by Ms. Svetlana P. Jalosjos-De Leon, President of Dakak Resort and Properties. The night was filled with music and cultural performances of Dakak Performing Arts Group.  

DAY 2 -  All About Dipolog! Dali Sa Dipolog!

Do you know Dipolog comes from the word DIPA? Through the years, this was corrupted by mispronunciation and intermingling of Visayan and Subano words into what it is today “Dipolog”.

The long day itinerary started with a quick tour at Dipolog School of Fisheries - a Spanish Style Sardines Processing Center in Olingan, Dipolog.

Next was an informative tour at Dipolog Demo Farm. The farm has 1.7 hectares and houses a Hydriophonics style of growing some veggies.

Then we had a sumptuous lunch at Dipolog City Hall followed by a quick Dipolog Tourism Presentation and ended the day with a delish set of buffet from The Little House on the Prairie with a sunset view and a karaoke session with some participants of L4D event.

DAY 3 -  All About Dapitan! Dapit sa Dapitan!

Did you know that Dapitan is known as Shrine City of the Philippines ? It is historically significant as the place where Jose Rizal, our National Hero, was exiled by the Spanish colonial authorities for his threat to start revolutionary activities.


SUMMER OOTD! ☀️☀️☀️ In the morning, I changed to my fave ootd - gym outfit as I knew that morning was full of physical activities such as our Dakak Facility Tour where we visited Dakak Golf Course, Villa Angelina, Convention Center and Function Halls, Adventure Zone and Aquasports Facility. And it followed with a fulfilling lunch at Dakak’s Bamboo Restaurant.

SPRING/FALL OOTD! 🌸🍂🌸🍂 In the afternoon, I changed my ootd to a more comfortable outfit coz we paid a courtesy call to Dapitan City Mayor Seth Frederick Jalosjos. A product presentation followed which I got interested with Cassava Chips (sour flavor is the BEST) and some Dapitan kakanin and pasalubongs. We did a quick Heritage Tour to Dapitan’s Cultural and Historical sites such as Punto Del Desembarco de Rizal en Dapitan, St. James the Greater Church, Relief Map of Mindanao, Rizal Shrine and Balay Hamoy where we had our dinner.

WINTER OOTD!  ❄️❄️❄️ At night, I changed my outfit to a winter welcoming ootn coz we just experienced snow at Glorious Fantasyland! But before that, we witnessed a glamorous display of costumes and outstanding musical play only in Glorious Fantasyland! They also have a new attraction called “Lakbay Pinas” where you can travel around the Philippines in less than 10 minutes!

Twas a tiring but filled with learnings kind of Day! I will surely come back for my 5th Zamboanga Peninsula Travel Visit soon!

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