Damires Hills, Bali Of Iloilo - A Place To Recharge Our Social Battery

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Situated in the heart of Janiuay, a municipality which is 45mins to 1 hr ride from Iloilo City, is a Nature Paradise for healing, and chilling, activity-filled, and purely a Healthy Hills Resort called Damires Hills Tierra Verde Leisure Farm. Indeed, a venue for recharging your Social Battery, of course, your Body, and Mind also! 

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LOC: Brgy. Damires, Janiuay, 5000 Iloilo
MOBILE:  0917 632 5901 | 0939 906 0689
LANDLINE:  333325866
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DamiresHillsLeisureFarm
IG: https://www.instagram.com/damireshillsleisurefarm

A place to LOVE for the people of LOVE. With the goal of balancing everything, Damires Hills carefully built its amenities around its Natural surroundings so that Birds continue to fly and sing and the flowers continue to grow as Guests explore the property. The sound and sights of Mother Nature are such healing to our body and mind. 


We were checked into a Heliconia Deluxe Room which is good for 2-3 persons for just PHP 5,500.

In addition, here are the other TWO ROOMS for Overnight Accommodations. 

Family Style Cottage is good for 4-6 pax for just PHP 7,500.

Standard Room is good for 2-3 People for just PHP 4,500.

*** All Guests in all rooms can avail of free use of Hotel Facilities, Breakfast, and 30 mins back and shoulder Massage. Mind you, their traditional hilot is a MUST-EXPERIENCE when you come to Damires Hills. 

Before the traditional Hilot begins


  • Heliconia Rooms
  • Family Villas
  • Balay Uma Restaurant
  • Balay Uma Infinity Pool
  • KTV Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Rustic Day Tour Cottages
  • Day Tour Swimming Pools
  • Zip-line ( Sitting is PHP 250 and Superman is PHP 350 )
  • ATV Adventure ( PHP 350 )
  • Canopy Walk and Hanging Bridge Adventure
  • Norma's Coffee and Souvenir Shop
  • Landscaped Gardens and Koi Ponds
  • 100-150 seater Waling-Waling Function Room
  • 50-100 seater Ylang-Ylang Meeting Room
  • Aquaponics Greenhouse
  • Various Seasonal Orchards
Picturesque garden going to Balay Uma Restaurant
Picturesque garden going to Balay Uma Restaurant


We had our meals in their Balay Uma Restaurant. The restaurant is situated with an infinity pool and a garden view. They serve Breakfast Buffet (Free for the in-house Guests), Lunch (Ala Carte), and Dinner. Their Bar serves fresh fruit juices, good cocktails, wine, and other Beverages. 

My favorite so far during my stay in Damires Hills is their healthy Breakfast spread. 

Their seafood dishes did not disappoint too. I also love how they grow their veggies and use them in producing/cooking their Food. 


Day Tour Rates
Entrance Rate - Adult/Kids PHP 100, Swimming PHP 170, Senior Citizen PHP 80

Day Tour Cottages (consumable on Food and Drinks)
10,000 / max of 40 persons
8,000 / max of 30 persons
3,500 / max of 12 persons
2.500 / max of 10 persons

** For day tour Guests, pools are open from 9 AM to 6 PM
** Strictly wear proper swimming attire

Balay Uma Rates
*** Separate entrance fee PHP 100
*** Swimming fee PHP 250

PHP 400/head - consumable on food and drinks

KTV Rooms - PHP 3500 consumable on Food and drinks for 3 hours
*** Excess over 3 hours is PHP 1000 per hour consumable

Board Room - PHP 4500 consumable on Food and Drinks for 4 hours with complimentary use of LCD TV

Photo Shoot Fees - PHP 2000 - separate entrance on swimming and cottage 

Pre-nup and Pre-debut package - PHP 45000
- PHP 2000 consumable for food and drinks
- Free entrance for 6 persons
- Photo shoot fee included 


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