Face of Cebu: Michael Jhaye Jordan - Mr. International Philippines 2023 - Mandaue City

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Face Of Cebu Featured Article Series is back and our very own Michael Jhaye Jordan of Mandaue City is the Feature starter as he bid for the national title of Mr. International Philipines 2023. 

A 21-year young, businessman and entrepreneur, Michael Jhaye Jordan (MJ), will represent the City of Mandaue for the national title, Mr. International Philippines 2023 this coming June 28, 2023, at the Newport World Resorts in Pasay City.

Representing a sash number 28, MJ promised to promote authenticity throughout his MIP journey. With his advocacy of Employee Sustainability, MJ is determined to help those talented and skilled Filipinos who don't have the opportunity to work in healthy organizations or companies that support and value employees. He dreamed of lessening the "rich versus poor" margin line or gap of the country. 

Ms. Mandaue 2023, Victoria Leslie Ingram joined the intimate meet and greet as a special guest as she showed support to her co-Mandauehanon Pageant brother. The event was attended by Cebu media, Bloggers, and Content Creators who support MJ in his bid for Mr. International Philippines 2023.

HOW TO VOTE FOR MJ of Mandaue City

HOW TO VOTE, watch on this link or see the instructions below:
1. Like the page.
2. Click this link: https://votelabs.app/
3. Tap on the Pageant Name MI Philippines
4. Create an account using your email OR "Facebook Sign-in"
5. Tap on the Pageant Name MI Phils
6. Scroll down, find your candidate, Michael Jhaye Jordan, then tap on his picture.
7. Click one of the button
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