Unboxed! realme Buds Air 5, Specs and Review For PHP 3499

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NOISE CANCELLED! Finally, I got my hand with the latest realme Buds Air 5! Sometimes, we need our "ME TIME" and that includes listening to music amidst the busy and noisy environment of life in the City. Thanks to this new realme Buds Air 5 - the solution of silence with an elevation of sound is indeed the KEY!

Unboxed! realme Buds Air 5, Specs and Review


50dB Active Noise Cancellation
Utilizes dual-mic noise cancellation using the two embedded microphones (feedback microphone + feedforward microphone) in order to detect unwanted external sounds and any excess noise in the ears, then send out opposite sound waves to cancel up to 50dB.

Note: Results will vary depending on the surrounding environment; 50dB is the maximum theoretical data based on the hardware used). This also entails a 19% increase versus the previous iteration realme Buds Air 3’s noise cancellation capabilities (50dB > 42dB).

12.4mm Large Audio Driver
Having an increased driver size from the previous realme Buds Air 3, the now larger audio diaphragm now also comes with a titanium coating that is able to help produce more solid and crisp audio quality while also improving the device’s longevity of use.

45ms Super Low Latency
Allows super low latency of 45ms versus the last iteration’s 88ms. This is easily accessible with Gaming Mode activated in order to ensure a near perfect sync of audio heard to the video or game being played. Paired with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the device can freely used within a maximum range of 10m even while moving around. This is also assisted by simultaneous transmission of audio to both earbuds via Bluetooth; paired with this is Dual Antenna Switching technology that also helps ensure connection stability. Latency with gaming mode not activated is 250ms.

38 Hour Total Playback Time
Allows up to a total of 38 hours of use with the batteries of both earbuds plus the charging case combined. The earbuds both house a 43mAh battery that lasts up to 4.5 hours with the volume at 50% while having ANC turned on. They can also last up to a total of 7 hours with
the volume at 50% while ANC is turned off. Combined with the charging case, the total battery life of the device is at up to 22 hours with 50% volume and ANC turned on; but having a capacity of up to 38 hours with the volume at 50% and ANC turned off.

Unboxed! realme Buds Air 5, Specs and Review For PHP 3499

Dolby Atmos Quad Speakers
Makes use of a total of four speakers with two at each side of the tablet (when held horizontally). These speakers support and are tagged with Hi-Res Certification and Dolby Atmos Certification, both of which promise an immersive surround sound experience.

6-Mic Call Noise Cancellation
Maximizes the full array of six microphones built into the device to be able to accurately pickup and enhance a person’s voice while in a call alongside being able to cancel external noise inclusive of wind noise and any other unnecessary ambient noise.

4000Hz Ultra-Wide Band Noise Cancellation
Makes full use of the feedforward and feedback microphones embedded into each individual earbud along with a 6-core noise cancellation chip to achieve a 4000Hz ultra-wideband noise cancellation as an added feature to allow an excellent music listening experience.

Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation 
The device is able to intelligently identify a variety of settings where unwanted ambient noise is known to get excessive and calibrate the amount of noise cancellation it delivers to match the surrounding environment.

Dynamic Bass Boost 
Allows the device to intelligently adapt to the audio of whatever type of media is being played and compensate for portions of the audio where low frequencies or bass is lacking and compensate for it through enhancement without sacrificing mids and highs as well also avoiding any sort of distortion.

Unboxed! realme Buds Air 5, Specs and Review For PHP 3499

Fast Charging 
Has the capacity to allow up to 7 hours of total playback time (at 50% volume with ANC turned off) within only 10 minutes of charge. Charging time indicated is with the two earbuds placed into the charging case for 10 minutes. Charging case input is at 1A (1 Ampere) with a Rated Power of 1.748W. Charging time for both earbuds to full in the charging case is 1 hour, and full charging time of the case with the earbuds inside is 2 hours.

Supports Dolby Atmos 
Provides immersive stereo surround sound to make the audio from consumed media more engaging may it be music, games, or videos. This feature is only compatible when connected to device that also supports Dolby Atmos.

Bluetooth 5.3 
Support Has the capacity to support new Bluetooth versions. This also contributes to a more stable connection with potentially less latency. Bluetooth transmitted audio is compatible to A2DP, HFP, and SPP.

Google Fast Pair 
Able to detect and connect to a compatible device right out of the box in just one click with Google Fast Pair.

Intelligent Touch Controls
Has embedded intelligent touch gestures that replace having to manually input the command to a phone or a connected mobile device. Double Tap to Play / Pause music or Answer / Hang Up a call; Triple Tap to skip to the next song; Long Press on one side for 2s to switch on noise cancellation mode or reject a call. The gestures are also customizable via the realme Link App to allow volume adjustment, voice
assistant activation, game mode activation, previous song playback.

IPX5 Water Resistance
Has a given level of liquid resistance inclusive splashes of sweat, water and other light liquid substances while in use. This is not recommended for submerging in liquids.

Individual Rear Cavity Design
Uses a lower damping mesh in order to greatly improve the audio output for low and mid frequencies while retaining sound clarity.

Compact & Lightweight
Having a fully compact & lightweight design with the charging case at 45.5 grams (weight includes the two earbuds) having dimensions of 68.1mm x 50.8mm x 23.8mm, along with a lid that opens at 105° and snaps in place when closed through its magnets with each earbud at 4.4 grams having dimensions of 30.8mm x 20mm x 24mm. The earbuds themselves are also engineered and is meant to fit different ear sizes comfortable while being worn for long periods of time.

Unboxed! realme Buds Air 5, Specs and Review

UNBOXED! - Here are the items inside the package of the realme Buds Air 5
  • 2 x Earbuds (left x 1 and right x 1)
  • 1 x Type - C Charging Cable
  • 3 x Silicone Earbud Tips (Small, Medium, Large) - The Medium is installed by default
  • 1 x info card


This realme Buds Air 5 comes in two colors; Deep Sea Blue and Arctic White. Both are very aesthetic and chic but what I like most is its sleek design - a classic pebble shaped. You can wear these as a complement to your daily outfit.

The battery life is never a question when it comes to realme brand. For this, you can play music up to 38 hours if fully charged. I haven't tried this yet in a fully-charged condition but I bet this is true - made to last!

At an affordable price of PHP 3499, the realme Buds Air 5 is the one! Imagine at an affordable price, the experience is expensive! This supports Dolby Atmos* which is normally available on realme smartphones. A truly immersive experience will shock you when you get these wireless earbuds!

Generally, this purchase is worth it! Just let me summarize with one line, "More Music, Less Noise"

Unboxed! realme Buds Air 5, Specs and Review For PHP 3499

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