Miss MDC Globe International Philippines 2023

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On November 5, 2023, Miss MDC Globe Philippines 2023 held a press conference and official sashing ceremony of the 15 candidates at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu. These beautiful ladies will vie for the much-coveted title of Miss MDC Globe Philippines 2023. The winner will compete in India at the international level. During the PressCon, Candidate number 8, Mariah Marag Pasaol, was named the Press/Media Darling or Favorite.

MDC Globe International Philippines 2023
15 official candidates for Miss MDC Globe International Philippines 2023

MDC Globe Philippines is a multi-tiered beauty pageant in the Philippines which is a product of the collaboration between EC Entertainment and Media, Kubo Productions LLC, and Maison de Couture International Corporation. Our pageants will have various categories and this year, we will be holding the first-ever Miss MDC Globe Philippines Pageant 2023 on November 26, 2023. This alliance aims to foster the importance of inclusiveness in recognizing Total Beauty. This idea will be showcased and emphasized throughout the pageant journey. Winners of the MDC Globe Philippines will get a chance to compete for the title of MDC Globe International!

  1. • Shaira Alvarado
  2. • Glenne Roselle Reyes 
  3. • Stefanie Quinal
  4. • Rose Jean Israel
  5. • Ainielyn Patindol
  6. • Mary Honeylette Laug-Laug
  7. • Swera Mae Baclohan
  8. • Mariah Marah Pasaol
  9. • Shayla Dhey Gorres 
  10. • • Samantha Faye Yapit 
  11. • Angel Grace Mangaron
  12. • Dulce Leandra
  13. • Frenzy Jean Macan
  14. • Hitomi Pangilinan
  15. • Althea Julian Retalla

Miss MDC Globe International Philippines 2023
The 15th Official Candidates of Miss MDC Globe International Philippines 2023

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