Breaking Through the Clutter: Innovative Brand Visibility Strategies in Competitive Markets

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 Business competition has never been tougher than in the digital age. 

In fact, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, online marketplaces boomed! With the landscape becoming more challenging, more competitive, and ever-crowded, how can businesses like yours become visible? Moreover, how do you maintain and maximize that visibility? 

Today’s market landscape

According to e-commerce logistics engine LOCAD, the Philippine e-commerce industry is expected to reach a revenue of $18.16 billion in 2023. This is because of the constant growth in online shopping throughout the years. Out of the country’s 113.9 million population, around 86.16% are internet users and online shoppers. 

So to get at least a slice of this huge market, digital marketing should be a crucial part of your business’s marketing plan. Collaborating with top PR agencies in the Philippines can help you craft the best campaign strategy to maximize your brand visibility and establish a strong brand presence. A strong brand presence amplifies brand awareness, creates deeper customer connections, helps generate quality leads, and eventually leads to increased sales!

But you can’t just claim brand presence. Before working with your agency of choice, know these things first:

Consumer behavior

Know who your audience is! You have to be knowledgeable about consumer behavior to embody a personalized marketing approach. Determine the basic to the most complex information about your target customers: age, location, gender, habits, motivations, and even their personalities (a.k.a psychographics) and what they care about. Understanding customer behavior is key to tailoring your marketing strategies to attract and retain your ideal consumers.


Of course, you shouldn’t just study your own turf. You should check on your neighbor from time to time – in other words, conduct a competitive analysis. Competitive analysis requires you to look into your competitors’ products, sales, and marketing strategies. Your competitors make up part of the crowded market from which you wish to stand out, after all.

According to Christina White, HubSpot’s acquisition marketer, doing competitive analysis enables businesses to implement better marketing strategies, stay on top of industry trends, and ensure that their products or services meet (or even exceed) industry standards. It helps in identifying market gaps, developing new offers, and discovering market trends to utilize. 

Analyze your competition as you would your own brand: thoroughly research the target audience catered to, know their services and where they excel, and what can you do better than them. Doing these will solidify brand differentiation and show your competitive advantage!

How to maximize brand visibility through effective strategies

After you’ve got a clear understanding of who you’re talking to, you know how, where, and when to show them your brand for maximum visibility. If you keep their preferences in mind and employ tried and true strategies, you may even get their buy-in to patronize your brand!

There are several effective strategies you can use to increase your brand visibility digitally:

Leverage SEO and SEM

When it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for your websites should be ever-present. When properly utilized and maximized, the SEO-SEM combo will land your website on the first page of search engines, which the audience is more likely to click.
SEO: Focus on website improvement (website speed, backlinks, mobile-friendliness), relevant copy, and well-researched keywords. The internet is rife with information on SEO best practices, but our best tip to you is this: keep yourself up to speed on SEO best practices, because they change fast and often!
SEM: Focus on paid advertisements to expand the reach of your digital footprint. Ideally, platforms like Google Ads and YouTube Ads have crossed your business strategy radar. Those are examples of SEM at work! SEM, of course, requires some investment but produces results that guarantee conversion. 

Take advantage of social media platforms

Your website and social media should go hand in hand. Social media allows you to immediately connect with your audience and build your community. 

You don’t even have to be on all social media sites. Choose (and focus on!) social media platforms that best suit your target audience and brand goals. Maximize your efforts and resources there.

As social media is a platform where businesses big and small exist, you can stand out by simply optimizing your profile. Ensure your social media bios are up-to-date and contain calls-to-action that can support your business bottom line: think ‘buy now’, ‘visit our website’, ‘sale on this link today’, and more. 

Posting regularly, using hashtags, engaging with your followers, and joining relevant communities will also help ensure consistent visibility on social media. 

Don’t forget to maximize your account’s analytics so you can easily track content performance and determine which content works for your goals.

Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers for digital marketing is one of the most recent strategy game-changers in the Philippine landscape. With a loyal following, influencers can help boost your brand awareness by exposing you to their own audience by endorsing your brand.

NOTE: Choose your brand’s influencers well. Don’t just go for whoever is trending right now, as trends and virality come and go. Research their background, content, personal and brand values, and niche audience to make sure that their branding aligns with your business. Maximize this targeted advantage!

Elevating digital visibility through innovative techniques

You might be thinking: “We’ve been doing SEO, SEM, social media, and influencer marketing already. What’s next?”

Maximize your brand visibility further with content amplification. This time, we’re not just hooking the audience. We’re reeling them in.

The Content Marketing Institute said it best: “Marketing today is impossible without great content.”
Content marketing, as well as content amplification, makes sure you have content for years to come. Make one piece of content really well – making sure it’s a valuable and informative piece of evergreen content – and make sure it isn’t just put out there to die or be forgotten. Repurpose, amplify, maximize! To do this, you can take an omnichannel approach:
Take your key messages and amplify them via seeding them to online news articles or as guest blog posts.
Create ‘hero’ videos.
Partner with nano– or up-and-coming influencers to mention select content topics in videos. 
Invest in email marketing (because in the unlikely event that social media dies, your outreach point is email!)
Look into podcasts. Guesting on podcasts (or even hosting one yourself!) is a great way to repurpose and amplify key topics.
Consider guerilla marketing tactics: out-of-the-box content that surprises audiences and re-awakens their interest in the brand.
Study virality within your industry. What content goes viral? What audio or reel template makes content blow up? Take that format and slap your brand key messages onto it for a refreshing take on your campaign.

Powering connections with community engagement and networking

We mentioned being present on multiple channels earlier. While you might think you’ve covered all your digital bases, there’s one aspect you might be forgetting: offline presence.
Enter omni-channel marketing: make your brand present both offline and online. Being present offline – having a physical store or a pop-up, for instance – contributes to forging genuine connections with your audiences. Here are 3 ways to power your connections through customer engagement strategies and network marketing:

Partner with other brands

Collaborate with other businesses to improve visibility and growth for both your brands. Brand crossovers is a networking strategy that works well in widening your consumer base. 
More than increasing brand visibility, these partnerships also contribute to boosting sales, especially when the crossover product is marketed as a limited edition. This strategy also makes way for creating new content that hits the FOMO pain point of the audience!

During community bazaars, you may have seen local brands that partner with each other around summer: eyewear brands that partner with bikini brands or suntan lotion brands that partner with body oil brands to create the perfect beach bundle. Both brands get recognition, and the consumers get the best of their needs in one pretty package! A win-win-win!

A bigger brand that has also done this partnership is McDonald’s. Their partnerships with the likes of BTS and New Jeans have garnered avid participation from respective fanbases!

Launch community outreach activities

Say your brand’s target market is part of Generation Z. Did you know that multiple studies have noted that a vast majority of them care about aspects like brand advocacy? They tend to buy more from companies with good reputations, with a history of caring about the things they also care about. Hence, businesses targeting young adults should invest in goodwill related to the brand.

NOTE: It has to be sincere, because 9 times out of 10, the Gen Z’s know if you’re just putting up a front.

To do this, you can invest in your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies. Connect with local communities, help people, do on-ground market research, and promote your brand offline at the same time. It also helps humanize your brand, which consumers nowadays support. Invest in your public relations strategies to make sure you’re communicating these initiatives correctly, too!

Host seminars/webinars and events

Your business can hold in-person seminars in schools, training centers, or webinars via online avenues as a way to extend help to your audience and show your industry expertise. You can tailor these events to cater to your target audience. It also creates a more intimate avenue to promote your products or services.

You can also host events catered mostly to socialize with other businesses within or outside your industry. This allows you to build and expand your network for future partnerships! Events may be product/service launching, trade shows, professional association meet-ups, award ceremonies, and job fairs.

There are many other offline initiatives that your brand can conduct. Here’s a gentle reminder, though: you can do both online and offline activities all at the same time. Just ensure brand quality and consistency to stay visible in a crowded online and offline environment!

Rise above the crowd

The market won’t stop growing and your competitors won’t back down. 
The only way for your business is up, which you can do by adapting well to the changing market dynamics. Online or offline, make sure your brand can rise above the noise time and time again.

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