What is this All-new Mitsubishi Triton? Powerful As The Greek God, Triton!

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Mitsubishi's pick-up truck has evolved from “Strada” to “Triton”! The new brand was named after the Greek God, the powerful Demigod of the Sea! Its power has been mirrored in this new Truck regarding its performance, visuals, and features! Are you excited for this new Mitsubishi Triton?

What’s about the All-new Mitsubishi Triton?

With the teasers of the All-New Mitsubishi Triton's arrival in the country in 2023, many have been excited to finally see the model in person.
Packed with powerful and innovative features, the All-New Triton enables its drivers and passengers to unlock new adventures, rediscover the Philippines' hidden beauty, and experience the joy of life on the road, and off it.

Its official grand launch will be held simultaneously in Manila and Cebu on January 26, with pre-launch activities like a Sinulog Mall exhibit at
SM Seaside Cebu City from January 14-18, and its participation in the Sinulog Grand Float Parade on January 21.

What about Mitsubishi Motors Philippines’ Taralets Pinas campaign?

Taralets Pinas! is MMPC’s recently launched nationwide campaign celebrating the Filipino spirit of adventure.
It encourages Filipinos to explore the country’s cultural treasures, both hidden and celebrated and immerse themselves in its rich, new experiences.

The Taralets Pinas! the campaign is housed within an interactive platform featuring a wealth of information on Philippine destinations, road trip itineraries, and food trip tips.
The campaign also invites viewers to share their own stories of travel across the archipelago and interaction with Philippine culture.

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